1950s fashion

by: Payton Dougan

Girls fashion

Girls wore poodle skirts with a tight sweater. They wore bobby socks which were socks that came to ankle height. For shoes they had saddle shoes which are white and black shoes.

Boys fashion

Blue jeans were big in the 50's . Boys wore white shirts and jeans. They wore leather jackets and loafers as shoes. Levis jeans were a very popular company. If they were going to work they wore grey flannel suits.
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Grey flannel suit

Womens makeup

Women wore plenty of makeup in the 50's

  • Lipstick
  • Liquid or cream base
  • powder
  • rouge ( any kind or type make up used for tinting)
  • eye shaddow
  • eye liner
  • mascara
  • nail polish

Girls hairstyles

Women wore beehives and bouffants. To achieve the tall loking hair they teased (or backcombed ) their hair. Of course they had to spray it off with hairspray .

Boys hairstyles

Boys slicked back there hair to create jelly roll and ducktail hairstyles. How do they make their hair stay you might ask? Well they used oil or grease to make their hair have an all day hold.