Wanted For

Helium has many crimes. Helium is here to make kids happy by filling up their balloons. Helium is in 99.9% of all gases with his best friend, Hydrogen. It is important because it is in most gases in this world today, and without it we wouldn't have a lot of gases.



Helium's chemical symbol is HE. The orgin of the word helium comes fromHelious the Greek God. There aren't any common names for helium except for helium.

Structure and Description

Helium has been wanted for a very long time. Helium is colorless, nonmetal gas. The atomic mass for helium is 4.00260 and the atomic number for helium is 2. Helium at room temperture is a normal gas.

First Arresting Officer

Pierre Janssen, a French astronomer, discovered helium in 1868. An English astronomer named Norman Lockyear observed the same line that Janssen did and named it helium after the Greek God of the sun.

Report Of First Arrest

Helium was discovered in 1868 by Pierre Janssen, Janssen was observing a solar eclipse in India and noticed a straight yellow line near the sun. Then an English astronomer discovered the same yellow line and named it helium after the God of the Sun because the line was near the sun.

Last Seen

Helium is one of the noble gases in the periodic table. The atomic number for helium is 2. Helium is located in group "O". Helium can be found in the air, stars, and underground

Known Associates

Mainly when hydrogen is mixed with helium it makes mixtures and compounds. One chemical reaction with helium is a balloon rising. When you blow into a balloon with your air from your body, then it doesn't rise, but when you fill a balloon with helium it rises.

Warning Label

Helium is a noble gas, therefore the gas helium is generally stable!
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