need to know

what is snorkeling

it is to swim using a snorkel

equipment and care of equipment

the equipment would be snorkel and goggles aswell as flippers

all you have to do to look after them is wash them out with fresh water

underwater science-ear and equalising

if you snorkel you'll find that when you go down into the water your ears will suddenly start to hurt to fix that all you have to do is simply squeeze your nose closed and then blow out through your nose the pain should go away

this is .cause by the pressure of the water forcing into your ear drums you blow and that equilizes the pressure


if you have air in your lungs you will float if there is no air in your lungs you will sink

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getting in and out of water

find safe place to get out preferably a sandy bay slowly walk out of the water

to get in sit down next to water put on snorkel goggles and flippers and slide in

finning and planning

it talks about properly using your fins and planning to go for example telling someone where when and for how long

duck diving

duck diving is called that because of the way you dive you lift your bum and dive straight down

clearing your snorkel and mask

to clear your snorkel rise to the surface and give a sharp strong blow to blow all the water out of the snorkel

to clear your mask go under with a deep breath spin around so u face the surface of the water hold you mask on your face and blow out through your nose

snorkelling first aid

you will need to know cpr

and basic first aid if someone gets scraped or is bleeding heavily


the only real dangers are poisonous corals or sharks or any thing from that particular area