Awareness on HEI

By Miguel Yapur

HEI - Impact on Water

An example of a Human Environmental Interaction with a water body is where there are poor industrial waste management policies, causing rivers to get highly polluted with chemicals from factories that dump these wastes into the water.

HEI - Impact on Land

Policies that are not strict enough on the management of waste from the cities result in soil pollution, when hazardous chemicals from the trash get into the dirt and make it infertile.

How are they related?

Both of these issues have great importance in many parts of the world, especially in highly populated cities, where the demand for supplies is huge. To meet the needs of the citizens, mass production and industrial methods are used, where great quantities of different types of materials, processes and chemicals are used. Unfortunately, a big part of the output in these factories are chemical wastes and material leftovers. Because of poor policies for waste regulation in many countries, the chemicals are dumped into water bodies like rivers and lakes, creating dead zones and exterminating entire ecosystems. Moreover, when the factory products reach their consumers, and they are used up, they are mistakenly thrown into the trash instead of recycling it. This leads to great amounts of trash produced by the city, encouraging the creation of garbage dump sites, which ultimately destroy all possibilities of healthy soil in the region.


The mistreatment of chemical wastes from the factories greatly damage not only the river's state, making it an inhospitable place for any kind of life, but because of that, all kinds of aquatic species die off, which means no more fishing, and, therefore, leads to economical problems that may result in the increase of prizes for aquatic products.

On the other hand, soil contamination and the increasing use of garbage dump sites cause big economical issues too. The service for picking up the trash and transporting it to where it is taken, plus the cost of oil and diesel that is used by the vehicles that carry out these tasks are of high costs, resulting in the increase of taxes.

Impact in the Future

Soil contamination and water pollution are both alarming topics that have to be taken care of as soon as possible before we end up having every water resource filled up with harmful chemicals and large amounts of land are used as huge garbage dump sites.


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