Beer's Law Experiment

Why did Aunt Elda die?!

Pre-lab Analysis

Anesthetics have been around for a very long time. Over the years new ones have been discovered and others have been refined. Anesthetics have had a huge impact in the medical field.

The Lab

During the lab we noticed that the different solutions had a different tint. The solutions with more solute in it was darker because less light was allowed to pass trough it.
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How to make a Solution

To start a solution you need a solvent and solute. The solvent is what the solute mixes into. If you were to make a solution of 50\50 in 10 mL. You wtuld need 5 mL of your solvent and 5 mL of the solute.

Post-lab conclusion

We were able to figure out that Aunt Elda died due to too much anesthetics. The solution she was given was a 50% mixture. Any mixture over 40% is lethal.

Post-lab Questions.

1. The solution was too strong, we know this because the colorimeter shows that Aunt Elda's anesthetics allow the same amount of light through as the 50% solution.

2. This caused her death because any solution over 40% is lethal and she was given a 50% solution.

3. Beer's Law helped us solve this case, because it allows us to figure out the solution by how much light is being absorbed and allowed though.