What is it?

International Business

International business through trade is a large factor in worldwide globalization. Multinational corporation originating from the US have spread around the world. Some of these corporations receive more than half of their profits from overseas. This shows just how wide their influence spreads, especially when you observe surrounding corporations in individual countries which seem to adopt the business approaches expressed by the American companies. Many American products are manufactured in China because of its cheap labor, and this has helped China grow. Many American companies sell internationally, but foreign companies also sell to America. Toyota (from Japan), Samsung (from South Korea), and Volkswagen (from Germany) are examples.

Popular Culture

Although pop culture from other nations (like Gangnam Style) sometimes come to the USA, most of the globalization occurs in the opposite direction. As the former Canadian Prime Minister once said, “images of America are so pervasive in this global village that it is almost as if instead of the world immigrating to America, America has emigrated to the world, allowing people to aspire to be Americans even in distant countries.” This becomes more evident when it is observed that in the 1990s, 90% of movies in Europe were of American origin. Television is also a factor of globalization, and during the Cold War people behind the Iron Curtain saw alternatives to Communism through the show "Dallas." America's push for free trade has helped support the already giant American media industry, but it is hurting other nations. The global "Americanization" is also concerning to other countries because they are seeing a break down of their traditional values in favor of American values.
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International Travel and Exchanges

One of the earlier examples of globalization is the Colombian Exchange. The Europeans brought many things such bananas, cows, horses, wheat, rice, and diseases to the Americas. The Europeans took things such as cocoa and tomatoes back to the Old World. Goods were not the only things exchanged, however, religions came to the New World via Europeans and forever changed the way the civilizations ran. Today, goods and ideas are still being exchanged, but it occurs much more quickly with the help of television and the Internet.

Today, international travel is a very common thing. Businesses send people to other countries to make deals, but tourism is also common. 2.1 billion passengers flew internationally in 2006. There is a need for a more standard method of international communication, so pictographs like the one shown below are becoming more common. They aim to "help overcome language."