Charles Darwin

The Evolution of Man

In 1831 Charles Darwin began studying plants and animals on his world adventures.

Darwin had a question. Why were the species on the Galapagos islands so much like the species on the coast lines of South America?

The finches looked the same at first but closely looked at they varied slightly.

The Finches beak is adapted to it's environment and the food available on each island. Hence over time, the finches mutated to suit their environment.

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Modifications over time

Studying the finches led Darwin to decide that all organisms had evolved originally from a single organism. Over long periods of time, each species will become unique.
What is Evolution?

Natural Selection

Natural Selection occurs when individuals with more good traits produce more and better offspring. A good example is the finches on the Galapogos islands & their close

cousin's: the finches on the coast of South America.

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Evolution of Man
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