Charly Gordon

Flowers for Algernon

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I hope I have luck! (Keyes 37)

It supports that he wants to do good on the test and is confident that he can do well.

There is no point in spelling, Miss Kinnian told me (Keyes 41)

He does not know whether to think spelling is important or not, and spelling is pretty much what you need to know for the test and it is very important in life and when you are taking a test.

He got smarter

I know and feel like I am getting more smarter each day (Keyes 46).

This happened after the operation, and it worked because he believed in himself and was motivated to become smart.

He said that he knew how to spell, read and write after the operation (Keyes 46).

That him getting smarter was the whole point of the operation, and the operation did its job and fixed Charlie.

He is dumb and then he becomes really smart

Because he wants to fit in with all of his friends because they are smart

Be who you are no matter what people say about you