Welcome to 7th Grade!

Best Team EVER!


Hello Students and Parents,

Welcome to the best year in all middle school (clearly, we are very biased). You have been placed on a great team; a team of great fun, great excitement, and of course, great education. This is your first update for the new school year. You can expect a Language Arts Update each month, so go ahead, save my e-mail! This newsletter will elevate any butterflies you are having about 7th grade and will also introduce you to the team and Language Arts class.

To get to know the team teachers, please click here to for our Welcome Letter!

Please let us know if there is anything we can do for you to help you get settled into 7th grade! Get ready for a great 2017-2018 year!


Michelle Wolfrum

7th Grade Language Arts

Team 7-1

General School Information

Important Dates

August 28th- First Day of School for Students

September 1st- Teacher's in-service day, No school for students

September 4th- No School

September 18th-1/2 day for students

Language Arts Information

Unit 1: Science Fiction!

Language Arts this year is jammed packed with excitement and rigorous curriculum. This year the only supply students really need for Language Arts is a homework folder, writing utensils, and a smile!

Our first unit is Science Fiction, and students will be learning the art of narrative writing. This includes literary elements such as the story arc, static and dynamic characters, effective dialogue, literary devices, descriptive adjectives and adverbs, and much more!

To help students develop these narrative writing skills, students will be reading an assortment of short Science Fiction stories in class, paired with choice book club novels they will be required to be reading outside of the classroom.

To view the list of novels students will be covering in this unit and all units, please click here.

To read more about the 7th grade Language Arts curriculum, click here.

Do not hesitate to contact me with questions.

District Testing Information for Language Arts

Throughout the Wallingford Public School district, reading is encouraged, taught, and reinforced throughout all subjects, grades, and curriculums. This year, Language Arts teachers are required to administer two reading test to determine reading levels and individualized needs of students. These tests are the IRLA, a test administered by trained teachers and scored by trained teachers using clear and definitive guidelines to determine students' reading levels, and the STAR standardized computer adaptive test, which is scored by the computer. Both these tests will be used to determine students' personal needs in not only the Language Arts classroom but every classroom.

Click here to view Wallingford Public schools test administration schedule for these tests and other district standardized tests.

"When you enter this classroom...you are scientists. You are explorers. You are important. You are loved. You are respected. You are a friend. You are the reason we are here!"

Team 7-1 Resources

On Team 7-1, students are provided with many opportunities and resources to succeed throughout the year. To get a better understanding of these resources, please familiarize yourself with some of the following links. Please do not hesitate to email any of us with questions.

Google Classroom

Once the school year really kicks into full gear, all students will be joining Google Classroom for every core class on Team 7-1. Parents now have the opportunity to access Google Classroom to see work submitted, teacher posts, and late or missing work. If you would like access to Google Classroom, please e-mail the teacher for the core class you would like to join, and familiarize yourself with the Google Classroom support page by clicking here.

Redo/Retake Policy

Wallingford Public Schools have completely implemented our district redo/retake policy. Please click here for requirements and conditions that apply to our policy.

Language Arts Class Calendar

This year in Language Arts, I am trying to be as organized as possible. Besides posting homework and assignments on Google Classroom, I am also going to post and keep updating a calendar for students online. This calendar will show lesson activities for the day along with any assignments and homework. Click below for access to the calendars.

Class Calendars


Team 7-1 is dedicated to promoting reading. Students need to have a free reading novel with them at all times. Students should be constantly reading something! To help students find their love of reading, Team 7-1 will be using the website Goodreads. This website recommends books to students based on their interests and allows students to track books they are currently reading, books they have already read, and books they want to read. Students will be able to "friend request" each other and teachers to see what others are reading, too. We encourage you to register and begin tracking your books as well! Click here to get started.

Class Dojo

7th grade is a great year for students to be more independent and more responsible for their own learning. To push students to move toward independence, I will be using ClassDojo this year to help students see the importance of their Habits of Work. This website allows parents to see updates from me as I report students work habits exactly as it happens in the classroom. These work habits include preparation, engagement, and interactions with peers and teachers in the classroom. I am new to this program this year, but I will have directions on how to get connected available as soon as possible. To explore this excellent learning tool, please click here.


Learning to study is a huge part of middle school. To help students learn those vocabulary terms for any subject, we highly suggest getting students logged on and active on Quizlet. This is an online flashcard maker that quizzes students in a variety of ways. Click here to help your student get studying!

7th Grade ROCKS!

Thank you for taking the time to read this newsletter. Please contact us if you have any questions, concerns, or comments about 7th-grade preparation!


Anne Varrone-Lederle (Team Leader, Spanish)


Michelle Wolfrum (Language Arts)


Corri Izzo (Math)


Sharon Dooley (Science)


Lauren Sember (Social Studies)


Kristen Rosenberry (Resource)


Christine Bee (Paraeducator)


Emily DeHaan (7th Grade Counselor)