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No School Monday September 2, 2019

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Chromebooks, Social Media, & Digital Citizenship

Here are instructional resources packaged in a single website for your use with students at some point soon:

Please visit


  • Please know that student Chromebooks will NOT be charged to the extent that they're usable on they day students get them.
  • Ask your students to please charge them that night and bring them ready to use the following day.

Thank you!

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School Pictures!

School picture are scheduled for Wednesday September 4th and Thursday September 5th. Students received their picture forms this week in their PE classes. The completed forms and money are due on the day pictures are taken.

Making Connections

At Pence, teachers strive to make connections with their students on a daily basis. A display of this can be witnessed outside the door of Ms. Dove's Civics class where students pick their greeting for the day as they enter the room. In this case, a "Fist Bump" it is!

(See Below) For "Musical Opportunities"

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Shrek the Musical Jr.

U Can Uke


9/3/2019 @ JFHMS 4:30-6

9/5/2019 HOME w/ THMS 4:30-6pm

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Cross Country

9/5/2019 @ Home w/EMS & MMS 4:30-6:30

TAHS Activities

The TAHS weekly activities calendar will be added to our newsletter each week as we have 8th grade students participating in JV sports, marching band, and other activities. Plus, we always want to support all of our Knights! Most weeks, the TA activities calendar will be linked as a pdf document and will be located at the bottom or our Pence Press newsletter.
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Information, Information, Information

Do you want to know more about the polices and procedures at Pence? Check out the school website:

The "Parent Resources" & "Student Resources" tabs are especially useful. I recommend that all Pence families take some time to review the Student Handbook found under Student Resources. It will answer some questions such as:

What is a Positive Referral or a Knight Spotlight?

What is a Broken Pillar?

Is there a Tardy Policy?


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