Golden Ring Round-Up


Staff Highlight - 6th Grade Math

Making Math Matter - Ms. Dastvan

For the second straight year, Ms. Dastvan's class has used her access to a unique resource to help with real-world connections in her 6th grade math class - Mrs. Dastvan, Ms. Dastvan's mom. Mrs. Dastvan is an interior designer and came in to give students an unexpected look at how math shapes their lives. The interior design industry is one in which math might not seem like a top requirement, but Mrs. Dastvan was able to help students see the connections between their topics of the coordinate plane, perimeter and area with the world of fashion and design. Students walked away eager to learn more about both math and interior design.

Gaming Integers - Mrs. Forbes

To help increase her students' fluency with integer arithmetic, Mrs. Forbes doesn't depend on "drill and kill". Using a game where students achieve a maximum or minimum total, students are highly engaged in integer arithmetic. Not only were they increasing their fluency in integer addition, but the competitive element had them analyzing, comparing integers (a tough skill for 6th graders and negative numbers), and engaged.

Professional Development Opportunities

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