the judicial branch

the third branch

whats the judicial branch all about

the judicial branch is all about laws, court, and the 9 justices. these 3 things are very easy to remember. just think about judicial branch as judge-judicial. do you see how judicial sounds like judge. as all of you know when you talk about judges, you will somehow connect to laws. that is one of the 3 things, another thing is judges are simalar to the 9 justices. thats 2 and this is all a part of the supreme court, which is all part of the judicial system.

the details inside of the judicial system

there are 9 members in the supreme court. you can work there for life.members are appointed not elected. there are no citizenship or age requirements.

examples of the 3 main parts of judicial branch

what is the judicial branch, really


the division of the federal government that is made up of national court interprets laws, punishes crime, and settles disputes between states.


the judicial branch is a mix of 3 thing. laws, supreme court, and the 9 justices. they all come together to make a perfect branch of government.
Government Made Easy: The Judicial Branch