STEM-Exploring Biomedical Engineers

What Is It??

activity #1: first, let's begin by watching the video below to get a clear understanding of what it is and can include...

**once you have watched the youtube video above, discuss in your team how biomedical engineering is helpful to others, and how it can change the future of medicine.

activity #2. use the link below to research information about biomedical engineers. you will then click on the google tab below to answer questions that go with this link.

activity 2: google question and answer research form

*Use the form below to answer questions about information you find on the website from Activity #2.

activity #3. jobs as a biomedical engineer!

Click on the link below. Scroll down. Read through the information. With 5 straws, string, and paper to make a paper tube, use the directions and pictures below to try and create a working hand as shown. You may not have all of the materials shown, that IS OKAY, you will have to try to be creative with your team. Your challenge is to simply get the fingers to move.

Big image