5th Grade Newsletter

October 19, 2015

Upcoming Events

October 19 ..........................No School (Teacher Training)

October 26-30 .....................Red Ribbon Week

October 29 ..........................Artist in Residence Visit ($5.00 or 500 yen)

Our Learning

Math: This week we will finish up our beginning of the year volume unit. The students have been working on various tasks in class individually and in pairs. We have been working on using a math rubric to self-grade our work and move closer to becoming experts in our understanding. Our final math task for this section of the unit should be Wednesday. Make sure your child has a full understanding of how to find volume and how to use various multiplication strategies.

Reading: Our story this week will be "Inside Out". The vocabulary strategy we will practice is word structure, the comprehension skill is compare and contrast, and the comprehension strategy is answer questions.

Writing: This week in writing we will try to finish our personal narratives. Each student is writing about a time that they had to face a challenge and how they overcame it. We are paying close attention to details and drawing the reader into the story with an interesting lead. Feel free to ask you you child what challenge they are writing about!

Social Studies: In correlation with Hispanic Heritage Month, the students have been learning about Ancient Americans and Early Life in the Americas. The students will continue working on their presentations over one of the 5 groups we've discussed (Maya, Aztec, Olmec, Moche, and Inca). The test over chapter one will be next week.

Science: We have just finished our science poster project over the ecosystem. Each pair of students was given the choice to choose their own type of ecosystem and then create it and all of its elements to present to the class. Those presentations were last week and the students have already received their grades for it. The ecosystems test will be Wednesday October 21st . Please make sure that you child studies his/her science notes beforehand.