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Online global collaboration September 2017

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Welcome to the September edition of Flat Connections Global News!

School is starting in the northern hemisphere, while in the south schools are heading towards the end of the year in December. Many global projects are starting up right now - make sure you do NOT miss out on opportunities to connect you and your class and your school with global learning.

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Julie Lindsay and the Flat Connections team
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Flat Connections Global Projects - Teacher Kickoff September 18!

The image above - posted in Facebook by David Deeds, now teaching in Alexandria, Egypt, shares some of our excitement in coming together as a community of educators to launch another set of Flat Connections global projects.
We had USA CT (5:30am) all the way through to Australia AEST (8:30pm) in the one meeting, with Mexico, Egypt, Singapore, China and more in between!
The teacher kickoff meeting is VERY important - we build empathy, we discuss project strategies and workflow, and start to move into the digital handshake stage of each collaboration.

Shout out to Flat Connections Project Managers - Amy, Sheri, Chris and Lynn!

It's not too late to join this semester! Connect with us and we will fast-track you in to a global collaboration!
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Connect with us to discuss possibilities today!
Email Julie - julie@flatconnections.com to talk about how your school can embed online global collaborative learning into the curriculum.

Flat Connections is proud to be a part of Global Collaboration Day and the Global Education Fair - Come and say hello online!

Watch the video below and be inspired to join in - find global partners - find projects to join.



Endangered Animals - FOCUS QUESTION: Can we work together to help save endangered animals of the world?

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Recently 350+ students from 12 schools collaborated on a NEW online global project - Endangered Animals. The wiki is a portal for all work - access it and explore project outcomes.
During the 6-week event students shared understanding about endangered animals, created multimedia artefacts, and interacted in cross-classroom teams to build knowledge about this important topic. This project is now closed, but it will be run again in the future!

Main tools used: FlipGrid, Voicethread, Padlet and Wikispaces.

In October-December this year we have 500+ students across 17 schools participating (this project is closed for registration now).
In 2018 the project will be run twice again - watch out for notices and plan to join. Suitable for students age 8-14 years.

Contact Julie at Flat Connections if you want more information.

The Global Educator Case Study Blog Series

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Have you read 'The Global Educator'?
The eBook contains 36 case studies sharing global collaborative experiences and practices of over 50 educators. These are now being blogged - 1 per week! Read them all on The Global Educator blog, including updates, podcasts, and downloadable PDFs for each!

CEO and Founder, Julie Lindsay

Ask me how to embed online global collaboration into your curriculum.