Bodie Tilton

Snap-on costs

Initial license fee- $7,000- $15,000

Initial inventory costs- $99,000- $109,000

Technology package- $0- $3,000

Supplies- $0- $400

Requirements - A truck so that you can go around to your customers selling them your quality hand tools

Profit and return- depends on route and customer base

Royalties- $110 per month, sometimes percentage of sales

Why I chose this business?

I like to work on things so I like hand tools

My dad builds things and I help him sometimes

I would do this business because it looks like an experience

It all depends on how much you make by how hard your work

Right for the Community?

Snap-on will do well with larger communities where there are several automotive shops and such for the salesman to make a living selling tools


Snap-on is geared toward grown men and automotive mechanics and other places that use lots of hand tools