Why Choose TPCA for High School?

A Look Into the Heart of Traders Point High School

Does TPCA Offer A "Full" High School Experience?

That depends on how you define "full" experience. We believe that a full high school experience is very possible in a smaller environment like at Traders Point and that we provide what our students want and need, all with an eye on eternity.

Here are some of the odds 'n' ends that you might not be aware are part of our high school DNA. This is just a few of the things parents ask us about our high school experience. These things are all great, and when you combine them with J-Term, Mentor Group and service opportunities...now you're talking about a FULL HIGH SCHOOL EXPERIENCE !

Athletic Letterman Jackets & Awards

Our high school athletes earn letters, chevrons, pins and such for sport participation at the varsity level. What do you do with those? They should go on your letter jacket, that's what.

What happens if you win a state championship (like when we won back-to-back Christian Schools State Championships in 2011 & 2012)? You should get a state championship ring, yes?

Here are photos of our letter jacket and championship ring. (Can you tell our colors are purple and gold?) Very cool stuff!

And Class Rings...What About those?

Yes, those too. We work with Jostens to provide not only class rings, but our yearbook and graduation announcements and related items when that time comes. Students design their own ring, and Jostens offers many different designs. Check it out - go to www.jostens.com and type Traders Point Christian Academy in the school name box. You can play around with different designs for rings. Its awesome fun!

Does Traders Offer Any Fine Arts Opportunities for Students?

Yep again. Our High School Choir typically presents a full Madrigal Dinner, complete with all the comedy and drama you can handle and the traditional meal as well. We began presenting a spring musical last year with the play, Xanadu. This year they will present "Singing in the Rain" and have been tapping themselves silly to prepare. You should plan to get tickets for sure. Our Drama elective class is a popular option, too. Our students also participate in the Indiana State School Music Association (ISSMA) annual vocal and instrumental competitions, and do very, very well. We have students who advance to the state level, and this year we had a student receive a PERFECT score in Vocal. (Thank you Mr. Perry and Mrs. Powell for your help in preparing them!)

The Visual Arts folks create a lot of beautiful art and display that in our Eagles Nest regularly. You should check that out - 3D pieces are out there now and are fabulous, along with many creative 2D works. Other students choose the beginning and advanced elective Jewelry classes. Talented bunch we have. We are on the lookout for more ways to showcase their talents.

Instrumental opportunities are here, too. Students can be part of our Worship Band Elective Class or our Pep Band for athletic events. Some are in Strings or band. Exciting room for growth here as we enroll more students.

Are There Social Events Surrounding Sports?

Yes, there are. A lot of them. Especially for football and basketball games. Have you noticed that the center section of bleachers in the gym is painted purple? And has "The Perch" painted on the wall above that section? That's our student section (in case you've ever been caught sitting there). They have their things they do for free throws. They do the Roller Coaster (you just have to see it - great fun). They declare Neon Nights (see the photo to the left) and Blackout games. They cheer and scream for our teams and clap wildly for our Cheer Squad. And sing along with our Pep Band. All the typical stuff. You should experience it!

Homecoming is a big deal. Athletic events all week. Powder Puff Football for the ladies. Homecoming Court based on Christian character, not popularity. A big dance. Dress up days. All the fun you would want. All planned by our Student Council.

Before you know it, your 6th-8th grader will be in high school. We know you want a school that will not just fill them with information, but help them be wise. We want to make sure you know as much about our high school program as we do.

Each week we send you this enews sharing one tidbit about our classes, student and graduate accomplishments, facility updates, faculty bios - anything we think will help you to know WHY you would choose Traders for your child's high school. We already know and love your child and have built a program that is intentional about their academic and spiritual growth. What better place for them to become wise and fully prepared to fulfill God's plan for their life!