Home Connections December 2014

Mrs Stocks and Mrs Geddes Class

Working with Numbers

This month we have been doing a lot of work with numbers and quantity. We are learning how to estimate and then confirm the number of items in a set. We are also learning to compare and order numbers in a set from lesser to greater. Most of what we do to reinforce math concepts is through games and activities in the classroom as well as tools on line. You will find below some links that we have enjoyed in class that are also available to you at home. Why not bookmark them or save them to your desktop for easy access during the Christmas break?

Topmarks Math

Max's Math Adventures (requires some parent support)

In all our math activities we strive to build skills but also emphasize building confidence through trying a possible solution and checking our results. Students need to see themselves as capable of thinking through a problem and trying something that makes sense to them. This of course means that wrong answers are not a problem, we simply check our work and try again. There are many opportunities at home with your child when you can help develop your child's abilities and confidence in math. When folding laundry you might ask: "Do you think there are more socks in here or shirts?" Some children will guess shirts because they are bigger, some will think socks because we wear two at a time. No matter what the guess and the logic behind it, just ask: "How can we find out?". When preparing a snack ask, "How many crackers can we put on this plate?" and be ready to hear all kinds of ideas about stacking and layering. Then count to see how many there are. There are countless opportunities to work with Math in everyday situations and each one helps develop mathematical literacy in even the youngest children and contributes to an overall confidence in math.

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our Eco Classroom

We are working hard to be an environmentally responsible classroom. Right now this means taking care of resources such as paper and markers as well as finding ways to reuse materials in our creative projects (such as our paper making!). We are planning some special things in the next two weeks and could use old greeting cards, Christmas or other seasonal cards as well as GOOS paper of any kind (Good On One Side). We welcome anything you can share with the class. Stay tuned for more eco-initiatives in the new year!

K4 Mrs Stocks and Mrs Geddes

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