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July 15th, 2014

In This Edition...

  • Math 42 is an app that will impact how math is learned and taught.
  • View a model for the use of effective technology, content and pedagogy in a classroom.
  • Find the app with properties you need within the Periodic Table of Apps.
  • Guided practice is a setting on the iPad that a teacher prevents unwanted sites or programs to be accessed.
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Math 42

This app allows the use of the keypad to create equations. It also simplifies, solves and shows the correct steps in about 1 second. Rethink homework.

Math 42 in the App Store

TPCK model (Technology, Pedagogy, Content Knowledge)

This model demonstrates how every learning experience in a classroom can be categorized. Teachers are content experts and apply effective pedagogy. The goal is to gain the knowledge of how technology fits into learning as well.
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Periodic Table of Apps

If you are searching for apps that fit specific properties, this is a great place to explore.

This short video shows how the 'guided practice feature' can prevent off task iPad use.

This feature was demonstrated at some of the the Beyond Basics trainings.
iPad IOS 6 Guided Access