The Maze Runner

by James Dashner

Book review by Kori Toston

What would you do if you didn't know who you where? That is to say what if you had no previous memories up until this exact moment in time and everything else is a terrifying, confusing, blacked out nothingness. Thomas is pushed into a world run by mere boys. A place where order is kept to reign control of a rising hysteria of hopelessness. In this not so perfect world everyone has a place a job somewhere they're needed. Thomas's job? Solve the Maze. The Maze is an enigma explored consistently by the Runners. Its a place revered and installs a sense of perturbation in all the Gladers. Its halls are dark and endless dank and cover in vines and vegetation the Maze seems to have no end. The boys reside in the Glade a wide open space that provides all things the boys need to survive including shelter, food, and most importantly protection from the Maze. However while the Glade is the ideal place to stay safe Thomas refuses such luxuries. Thomas is quite impetuous and naive. He is impulsive and reckless he jumps into life or death situations constantly. However despite his hero complex Thomas has a brilliant mind he seems to view things on a completely different level than others. This ability saves him more often than not.

While this book was incredibly well thought out and perfectly executed I believe it was mediocre. However I would still recommend this book to young adults and pre- teens. This book Would appeal to the teenage audience with its fast paced action filled adventures. It introduces elements that teenagers can relate to. Such as feelings of lonesomeness and the need to fit it they can relate with Thomas when he is thrusted into the Glade where he is the new guy, a nobody. Teens also understand the need to stand out and be somebody like Thomas and his inane need to be a runner and a hero. . It also keeps the attention of the reader throughout the entire story with only a few lapses during ill placed monologues.

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James Dashner discusses The Maze Runner