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Culture, memory,and history are all the things that Ellis Island provides. Ellis Island used to be just sand 36 years ago ,and 6 years after that it is a running hospital and immigration station. Ellis Island has many special events and tons of history.


Ellis Island has lots of history. On Ellis Island there is the first largest public health hospital in the United States. They also have about 725 hospital beds and about 200 testing rooms. In the testing rooms they test you for sickness and if you are sick you go into a ward and if you are not sick you enter United States. Through Ellis Island history more than 12 million people have been at Ellis Island. When these people were at Ellis Island they either waited in wards or waited long times in long lines. All these interesting facts explain the history of Ellis island.


There are many acts at Ellis Island. One of the first acts is the national origins act of 1924. This act limited the total annual immigration to 165,000 and fixing quotas of immigrants from specific countries. Another act that happen was the Chinese exclusion act of 1882.This act was made so no criminals were let in to the United States. Restricted as well are "lunatics" and "idiots". All these acts show that Ellis Island was very important.


Since now the culture is still at Ellis island and still provides history and memory. You probably think now Ellis islands history is really big now that you have read and so many acts happened. If you ever decide to go to Ellis island just know it was a running hospital and immigration station.

Ellis island

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