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Weekend Edition-Week of May 8th

News and Notes

We are in the midst of the busy days of May. This time of the year can be heavy on many due to the fact we are out of routine. We see many culminating events and sharing sessions by our students. As we all work together keep the most important thing the most important thing-our students. As shared at the Thursday staff meeting, the countdown counter on the front board to the "end of school" will likely have an adverse impact on student behavior and focus. It is only going to happen. Keeping to routines and "staying in the relationship" is key to a successful end of school. Please be mindful of something that many of you probably don't realize. Kids love their teachers and this adds to the end of school feel of very mixed emotions for our little ones but one would never know it. They may only seem excited but they are also sad to leave you as well. I found this quote this week and feel Todd Whitaker's once again hits the target:

Best way to make sure students do not act like school year is over is to make sure teachers do not act like school year is over.

And lastly is to take care of each other. Stress can be a bit higher across our campus. Be extra patient and help each other out as much as possible. Our office gets handcuffed this time of year due to the number of visitors to our building. This adds to the many end of year building needs in conjunction with the daily needs. I know many of you are aware and respectful of this by not requesting the extra things. A big thanks to some folks from first and third for giving extra help. Dana and I have had to help cover class or schedule needs each day this past week. Secretaries have been sprinting being the welcome servant to the crowds who visit for Poetry and Punch, Young Authors, etc. Our first goal is alwasy safety needs of the building and with higher visitors this priority to pushed to the front.

In closing, help each other out, be extra patient and staying in routines help us all to have a great close to the school year!

I copied two post it notes from our staff school building session in March and April. I wil keep many of these ideas in front of all of us as we continue to build for next year.

As a reminder, Monday Morning we have Bus Evacuations. Please have a representative from each grade level team in the bus lot at 8:45.

I am out of the building Monday and Tuesday for required School Safety Specialist recertification. Have a great week ahead!

Upcoming Calendar:

Monday, May 9th

· Happy Birthday Dorthy Kirby

· Steele Benefits – First Grade Conference Room

· Bus Evacuations

· Heart Adventure Obstacle Course

· AIMSweb

· ZCS Board of Trustees Meeting

Tuesday, May 10th

· Happy Birthday Matt Mybeck

· Steele Benefits First Grade Conference Room and Office Conference Room

· 2nd Grade field trip Joseph Maley Foundation – Braun and Burns

· 3rd Grade field trip Zionsville Walking Tour – Brandau, Pfeifer and Wyatt

· Zeek Squad 11:45 – 12:45 PD Room (NOTE CHANGE this week only)

· AIMSweb

· Heart Adventure Obstacle Course

Wednesday, May 11th

· Happy Birthday Scott Miller

· 2nd Grade field trip Joseph Maley Foundation – Gray and Weesies

· 3rd Grade field trip Zionsville Walking Tour - Devitt, Parks, Stillions

· 4th Grade to ZMS – Dawson, Mikesell and Mybeck

· PTO Board Meeting – Staff Lounge 9:30

· 4th Grade Stories from the Underground Railroad 1:00 – 2:00 LGI Room

· AIMSweb

· Heart Adventure Obstacle Course

Thursday, May 12th

· 2nd Grade field trip Joseph Maley Foundation – Cope and Hein

· 4th Grade to ZMS – Carney, Kiel and Smith

· Food Rescue Pickup

· Heart Adventure Obstacle Course

· Family STEM Night

Friday, May 13th

· Weather Balloon Launch – Bus lot 10:00 AM

Monday, May 16th

· Happy Birthday Kristen Stratton

Tuesday, May 17th

· 4th Grade – Dawson/ Mikesell to Benjamin Harrison Home and Statehouse

· Lifeskills Convocation

o All sessions will be held in LGI Room

o 1&2- 9:30

o PK&K- 10:00

    • 3&4- 1:45

Wednesday, May 18th

· Happy Birthday Cathy Daugherty

· 1st Grade Field Trip to the Indianapolis Zoo

· 4th Grade Carney/Mybeck to Benjamin Harrison Home and Statehouse

· Life Skills Swimming

Thursday, May 19th

· School Safety Team Meeting 8:15 Adventure Center

*4th Grade Kiel /Smith to Benjamin Harrison Home and Statehouse

· Preschool Swimming

· Kdg Food Rescue Pickup – Crone

Friday, May 20th

· Happy Birthday Audrey Csikos and Julie Pettinger

· Office Meeting 8:15 Office Conference Room

· Third Grade Specialty Event (PD Room, LGI and Upper Café) 1:45 – 3:00 PM

From our coaches

It is that time of year again to assess for Aimsweb, Words Their Way , and Fountas and Pinnell.

Please try to find time to give the Words Their Way Inventory to your class and score these inventories. If you need another copy of the inventory or have a question about which inventory to give, let Kathy or Carly know.

We ask that you record each student’s total feature points and final spelling stage on the legal sized spreadsheet and return it to Kathy Drake no later than Monday, May 9th! We ONLY need the completed spreadsheet. Thank you in advance!

You can check out the ZCS Universal Literacy Screening if you need a refresher on what you need to assess.

The Rooney Report due date is this Wednesday, May 11th.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Thank you for all you do,

Kathy and Carly

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