Fight for your right

Fight for your right is by ian fullerton, this is the story of four immigrant men who came over from Russia for freedom. Based in the future America was at war with Russia and Americans weren't to fond of Russians. These four men had to fight to stay alive all the time. As they live in America there worries become worse, once two of the four were killed the other two decide to fight back.

The two men that are still alive go to a national fight organization called f.o.t.n standing for fight of the night. The organization puts immigrants against each other in 9 minute 3 round fight,the winner of the tournament wins 1 million$ and all the rights as Americans the losers are killed. These two men fight to the semifinals murdering the rest of the competitors. With one more fight to win these men might have to fight each other for there rights. Who will win and will one best friend be murdered by the other for the cash and the rights.