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December 7, 2018

Important Dates

December 12

PLC - Early Release @ 12:50 pm

December 18

Division Post-test*

December 19

End of 2nd Quarter

December 20-January 2

Winter Break

*subject to change

School of Economics Field Trip

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  • Please make sure your child has completed their math assignment each day. Students usually get time in class to work on their assignment, if not it becomes homework.
  • Check out your child's planner to see what they are learning each day!
  • Want to know how your child is doing at school? Look at the Pirate Privilege chart located at the front of their planner. This is where letters are taken for behavior, incomplete/late work, and tardiness.

What's Happening?

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We started a new topic this week. Students are learning how to divide whole numbers with 2-digit divisors. By the end of the topic, they should know how to find the quotient of multi-digit while number division problems using:

  • patterns
  • mental math
  • compatible numbers
  • estimation
  • models
  • partial quotients
  • standard algorithm

If you feel your student is struggling on math concepts, or you wish for them to have extra practice, have them get on Prodigy. Log-in username and passwords were sent out last week to each student. If you are not familiar with Prodigy, it is an interactive game that most students enjoy to play that helps students practice math concepts! Click here to go to the website.

DO NOT FORGET - Students should be getting on Reflex Math at least 3 times a week until they achieve 100 percent fluency. Once they reach 100 percent fluency, they only have to get on once a week. Click here to go to the website.

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In reading we have been learning about comparing and contrasting. We will continue to work on this skill up until winter break. Students can compare a variety of things when reading, that you may ask them to do as they do their reading at home. We have learned about comparing and contrasting settings, comparing characters, comparing themes, and different books in general.

Students currently have 8 more school days to take quizzes that go towards helping them meet their 2nd quarter AR goal. I went over their numbers with students on Wednesday this week, so each student should know where they stand right now, and just how far they need to go to meet their goal.

In writing we are finishing our second 3rd person narrative for 2nd quarter. Students are doing a great job and getting very creative with their stories. We cannot wait to share our work with you!

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In science, students are still learning about matter. More specifically, students learned about the conservation of matter. This is where matter changes form, the amount of matter stays the same. Students also learned the difference between physical and chemical changes. Physical changes occurs when two or more substances are mixed together and it does not change those substances. A chemical change occurs when two or more substances are mixed together and a whole new substance is formed.
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Social Studies

In social studies we finished our economic unit this week. I have to say I am beyond impressed with the amount of work students put into preparing for their field trip, and after our discussions on Tuesday I do feel that the School of Economics was very beneficial in helping each and every student to learn even more! We took our Test yesterday and are now moving on to a unit on Native Americans. I will inform you now that in January we are beginning group projects centered around different Native American Tribes that will require students to have some possible work outside of school. It is a lot of work, but in the past my students have thoroughly enjoyed this project as it allows them to work in a way that shows off their strengths and talents.


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Math and Science

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