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Franz Ferdinand Visiously Killed by The Black Hand

Franz Ferdinand was assassinated on june 28 1914 in Serbia because he was about to become ruler of the Austro Hungarian Empire. The heir was there to inspect the imperial forces in Bosnia and Herzegovina. A bomb was thrown at the heir and his wife but it did not go off so an accomplice shot Franz Ferdinand and his wife in cold blood.
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U.S. Sends Troops to Civilize the Dominican Republic

Ulises Heureux took power of the dominican republic and encouraged other countries and people to invest until we found out that he was taking from the people. The Dominican Republic went through many dictators and they finally became an independent country but they country could not manage. A man named Ulises Heureux took power and he increased education and added parks along with many other things until he told many countries to invest. Then we found out that this man was taking millions and stealing from the people. The U.S. now has become a customs collector to get the money back to the people and the countries.
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