Desha Baker

All About Me

About Me.....

  • My name is Desha
  • I am 18 years old
  • I was born on May 6, 1997
  • I was born in Los Angeles, California
  • I was raised in Dallas,Texas
  • Currently living in Irving, Texas
  • I am the oldest of 3 and I have one brother and one sister
  • I currently work at Chuck E Cheese but I used to work at Melrose & McDonalds
  • My favorite hobbies are singing,dancing, cooking, & shopping
  • I am a senior at Barbara Cardwell but I will be graduating with Irving High
  • I will be attending UTA for my nursing career
  • Favorite basketball team is the LA Lakers
  • Favorite quote is " If you don't like something or someone change it. If you cant change it then change your attitude"

My Family

Mom & Daughter Trips 97.9 Da Beat DUB Carshow & Concert

August Alsina & Kevin Gates at 97.9 Da Beat Carshow & Concert

DubCarShow 97.9tha BEAT Kevin Gates & August Alsina Perform
97.9 The Beat "Dub Car Show 2015" (CMP Montage)

My True Friends

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Favorite Movies (Few of them)

Plans After High School


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After high school, I am attending University of Texas at Arlington (UTA) or a community college for my nursing degree. I plan to become a pediatric nurse because I have always had a passion for kids and I can understand and interact with them very well. I have the patience for not only them but teens as well. My patience with them means I want them to feel comfortable and not fear of anything, being playful with them like reading them books or just laughing with them to ensure them that everything is ok, and distract them from things they may be scared of such needles.

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Favorite Places

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