The Religion


The followers of Islam are named Muslims. Muslim means the surrender or submission to the one true creator. Muslims believe that there is only one god. He is the highest of all things and he created every single thing in the universe all by himself. God is named Allah. They have something called the five pillars which is something the live by. The five pillars include the declaration of faith, Hajj, Ramadan, Obligatory prayer, and compulsory giving. Their place for worship is called a mosque. It looks similar to a really big temple. The worship leader who leads the prayers in the mosque is called an imam. The Muslims holy book is called a Qu'ran or Koran. Muslims have holy days like Ramadan where people fast from sunrise to sundown for 30 days. Another holiday is Eid where Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan and its a big celebration with food and gifts. Mecca is a really important city to the religion of Islam. It's where Muslims go to for Hajj which is required in the five pillars of Islam. A common figure to Islam as well as Christianity and Judaism is Abraham. Abraham had founded all these religions but his three sons had all spread each religion. Islam, Christianity, and Judaism all are monotheistic which means they all only believe in one God
Amir Shakarzahi

Period 5