Help for Mental Disorders

By: Adonna, Jessica, Bryan

Therapy Help

  1. Psychotherapy
  • On going dialogue between patient and a mental health professional.

2.Behavior Therapy
  • Forces or changing unwanted behaviors through rewards and reinforcements.

3.Cognitive therapy
  • Designed to identify and correct distorted thinking patterns.

4.Group Therapy
  • Treating a group of people with common problems and who meet regularly with a counselor.

5.Drug Therapy
  • Use or certain medications to treat or reduce the symptoms of a mental disorder.

Other types of help...

  • Tell a trusted adult
  • Go to a health professional
  • Make changes in your environment
  • Counseling


About 1 in 4 adults suffer from a mental disorder in a year.

This means 57.7 million people have a mental disorder.

If you think you have a mental disorder or someone you know does, tell a doctor or an adult.

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