War Breaks Out In Europe!!!!

June 28,1914

Biggest and Best!

Militarism•Countries were building there military stronger and Better allowing them to conquer more land while protecting their own. Other countries noticed this so they started building there military which lead to competition-biggest and best

All For One, One For All!!

Alliances• Countries coming together to support each other.

Rich or Raw?

Imperialism• France and Britain created large and very wealthy empires while Russia and Germany wanted to create their own and get more raw materials from different countries which caused conflict between country's around the world


Nationalism• loyalty to people's culture who share common language, religion, history, and traditions(

Who Done Died?

While touring the powder keg of the Balkans, Fraz Ferdinand and his wife were shot and killed by Gavrilo Princip. Therefore Austria declared war on Serbia.

1 2 3… SPARK!

Anxious to try new technics and weapons from building bigger and stronger military along with building their own empires caused jealousy, suspicioun and therefore no country trusted the other. Nationalism led to arrogance among the people of a particular country making them feel superior and giving the impression they could win any war with the togetherness of their people.