Mrs. Fendt's Weekly Newsletter

Sept. 21-25


This week in math we have been continuing our multiplication and division work. We added 2's, 10's, and 9's to our practices. Please make sure to practice these at home too.

For homework I would like to discourage the students from using a multiplication chart or a calculator. It is very important that they understand what multiplication and division are before they start using the quicker methods. These skills will be used throughout the rest of their education and it's important to grasp the understanding now.

A few things to also practice at home: commutative property (7x5=5x7), multiplication turning into division (5x7=35 so 35/5=7), and division turning back into multiplication (35/5=7 so 5x7=35). Some students feel frustrated with division and I remind them that they can just turn it into multiplication and use a variable. Feel free to also use variables at home, we just learned about them this week.

Student Planners

As I stated in the welcome letter, planners should be going home Monday through Thursday. When you see it at home, there should be homework written in it. If they don't write down the homework then it is okay for you to not sign. The policy in the classroom is that if they do not have initials or a signature for that day then they owe $1. They also owe $1 if there is nothing written even if if was signed.


We finished up learning about rocks and the rock cycle this week and have moved on to minerals. They will be learning a few new ways that Geologists test minerals and they will be trying them out on their own.

Check out the video below! We watched it in class to review the rock cycle. You may enjoy it too!

WE WILL ROCK YOU! (The Rock Cycle)

Upcoming Events

9/28 Book Order Due

9/29 Hearing Screening

10/8 Keys Meeting @ 6:00

10/16 Early Release @ 1:30

10/26 Lombardi Show Choir Visiting @ 2:20

10/27 Friday Schedule

10/30 No School - Happy Halloween

11/1 Daylight Saving's Ends - Turn clocks back one hour

11/20 Early Release @ 1:30

11/24 End of first trimester

11/25-11/27 NO SCHOOL - Happy Thanksgiving

If you would like to order books from Scholastic this month please have the orders in by the 28th. Let me know if you need the online code.