McDonalds in Russia


1) Big Mac

2) Royal DeLux

3) Royal Cheeseburger

4) McChicken

5) Filet-O-Fish

6) Chicken Mythic

7) Big Tasty

8) Cheeseburger, Hamburger, and Chickenburger

9) Chicken McNuggets

10) Double Cheeseburger

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Dress Code and Design of Building

Russian McDonalds employees wear red collered shirts and full length black pants. Also, the employees are required to wear red visors on their head during their work shift. Red has long been a color associated with Russia, although the the red and black clothing pattern is common in other McDonalds.

The design of McDonalds in Russia varies according to where it is. Sometimes, it may be built into a business place, a store, or it may be its own large building. The thing that occurs in every single McDonalds is the M logo and the McDonalds sign. The inside includes a counter and a large menu behind it, along with many tables at which to sit and eat. Of course the sign is in the Russian language.

In a clever advertising campaign, the Russians designed an ad for the 2010 Winter Olympics that featured a “matryoshka” box. There is a traditional Russian toy that is made of increasingly smaller dolls that stack inside each other. The ad featured a series of boxes that showed a coupon for McDonalds' food. It was a perfect example of the Russian McDonalds designing a culture specific appeal. See the picture below.

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The adaptation of McDonalds to Russian culture is a perfect example of globalization. On one hand, the diffusion of the popular hamburger chain is an example of how a single business has spread to points around the globe far from its place of origin. McDonalds also worked to make the chain function like the parent restaurants. In American McDonalds, the food items are all purchased from independent businesses. When the chain first arrived in Russia, there were not enough suppliers to provide the needed products. McDonalds created a "McCenter" that produced everything from buns to strawberry toppings. Now enough private businesses have started that McDonalds can use them instead. Not only has the McDonalds name become global, but the method of using private business suppliers has become part of the process. The "Golden Arches," the McDonalds logo, is part of an international world.

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