Taylor's Territory

Class News for 3/16 - 3/20

Skills for this week

ELA - Reviewing Commas,Comprehension, and Grammar
Math - Geometry
Social Studies - Early Tennessee Settlements and events that led to Revolutionary War
Science - Cells
I am sending an email today containing sign-ups for parent conferences. MCS requires that we start at 11:00 on Monday, March 23. Please select a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd time that would work for you.

Thursday, 3/19 is a half-day. We dismiss at 12:00.

Spring pictures (group and individual) will be Wednesday, March 25.

Students were given extended time to work on enrichment assignments during class. I know some were stressed about getting finished by the end of the grading period. Because of snow days, the deadline now is Tuesday, April 7th.
The required genre for the grading period is biographies or autobiographies. Students should select wisely as they will "become" this person and appear in a class showcase in May. They will be given a list of requirements that must be learned for their notable. I have discussed this with the class, but you need to know that their character must be someone (in any field - any where) whose accomplishments have contributed in some way to the world. For example, I may LOVE a particular pop star, but just because I appreciate their music does not mean they have impacted the world at large. On the other hand, I might study the life of Steve Jobs (Apple) because he made a major impact on the tech world. This activity will culminate with a day of these notables who are in costume and are very comfortable answering questions about themselves from adults and other students in our school. YOU WILL NOT WANT TO WAIT TOO LONG ON THIS. I will ask students their choice by April 21st. If they know before then, they should let me know. I don't want repeats, so it would be wise to chose early. Specific guidelines will be sent later, but it is a project that requires time and scouting for a costume.
(My son did this in 6th grade gifted class. He was Edgar Allan Poe. He wore black suit - even did the temporary black dye (he was a redhead) complete with black mustache. Slight scheduling problem though; we had church directory pictures following. I really wanted him to keep it on for the pics, but no he quickly transformed....
Anyway, it can be fun. Just remember to let me know as soon as possible so you can be researching.

Report cards will be given out at conference. A few have not yet presented their final project for this grading period. They have until Tuesday to get these presented.
A special thank you to all the students who turned in their book report forms in on time.
Responsibility is blooming!

Thanks for sending in food and drinks for our poetry jam. Miss Carrell already tells me she misses us! She is going to Kittrell to student teach in 2nd grade. The money you sent in was used to purchase a gift certificate from Tiffany Lane, a favorite store of hers (and mine). She was overwhelmed with the gift. I made a scrapbook filled with a picture of each child, along with a handwritten note and embellishments of their favorite interests.

This week I will start to review specifically for the TCAP test. here is the testing schedule.
Every year, it seems to be here too quickly, but it will be here, so we want to be fully prepared.

Achievement TCAP Schedule:

Reading – April 28

Math – April 29

Science – April 30

Make-up – May 1

Social Studies Pilot Schedule:

3rd and 6th grade – May 4 – 8

4th and 5th grade – May 11 – 15