People in science

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Jon Bohmer

John bohmer invented a oven the uses sunlight. He came up with this idea when he was 19 years old . He only used 5$ to make this invention and he said that this invention is the best invention he ever made. He said that this invention you don't need to use boiling water all you have to do is put the food in the sun light oven and watch it cook.

Dijanna Figueroa

She got her collage degree for the university of California she wanted to be a marine bioigest all her life. Right now her job has taken her to the big screen. She studies creatures and

Riley Agnes

She was born in Hungary. She didn't have a computer and right now she is a computer genius she can fix any computer that needs to be fixed she has been in a lot of groups that are really good on computers.

Pryor Mitchell

He built a robot that is take out hazard's stuff the robot is controlled by an operator. He also helps or finds ways so a robot won't break. He always finds ways to help with stuff to fix robots.