Roaring Voices Review

Tamanend Middle School

Spring 2021 Edition

It's hard to believe that spring is already in full bloom; not to mention that the school year is nearing an end! The skies are sunny and trees are blossoming. Spring 2021 is giving off a stunning, light and airy vibe. Tamanend's Literary Magazine, Roaring Voices Review, has captured the essence of spring and much more in this edition. Check out students' artwork, photography, and poetry below. The bulk of content consists of poetry, to commemorate April as National Poetry Month!

*Please note that many students have written poems to accompany other students' photography. Both students have been credited!*

Photography by Genevieve Peranteau

In the House of Spring by Olivia Cao

The forest smells of frozen grounds

And newly blossomed green

Sprouted from the nest of vines

That shines with dewy sheen

The moss, it forms a carpet

That’s rooted in all that is light

And flower petals scent the winds

With dancing sparkles bright

The leaves hang thickly in nature’s crown

And the halo sunshine beams

Sewing into butterfly silks

That flutter at the seams

A ribbon of shadows and misted drops

Folds me into a breeze wisp-ed room

The blue domed roof flickers high above

Where golden sunbursts bloom

The world is blanketed in freshness new

Which shower me with earth

To welcome spring with open arms

And kisses of rebirth

Photography by Kriti Malathker

In Red by Olivia Cao

My soul still soars like everyone else’s

And my heart still beats in red,

Yet, even still, it’s my skin denounced

And my race that’s gauged instead

And my hands they bled in rivers thin

As they speared me with their screams

But my tears they

Stubbornly stayed concealed

Amidst a battlefield of dreams

Our bodies will tell our tales for us

And speak our ancient past

From beaten chains to southern trials

Beneath the twilights, vast

So we know that we all smile

And that sorrow bathes our tears

And we have known we’ve lain together

Within the nation of our years

My people may be shown with spitfire souls

And be viewed with fury and dread

But my soul still soars like everyone else’s

And my heart still beats in red.

Quote by Caylee Hansel

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The Challenges by Daria Drakas

The Sun’s gleam waves up anew

Way of living again.

Like an old warrior relenting

In his last fight to

A new ruler filled with fire and youth

The world changes to a new way.

Whenever we start to get

Comfortable or calm,

The place we rely on

Whips out a challenge to taunt his habitants.

Our beings work to solve this problem

But give up after the hours stretch too long

And their feet and hands start to tire.

Others choose to avoid the challenge

Believing it will disappear or solve itself.

But the people we hear, learn, and strive to be

Didn’t turn a blind eye.

The people we hear quotes and speeches from

Didn’t give up from a callus on their finger.

The leaders don’t give up when they are tired,

They don’t ignore the problems,

They solve the challenges

The creator’s taunts them with.

With every change, swerve, or problem

Our world throws at us,

We rely on the people who step up

And keep working to solve the challenges

We have been given.

Photography by Caylee Hansel

Touch of Spring by Caylee Hansel

As winter melts to spring,

It opens up the sky,

The sun comes out and shines on us,

Not a cloud to be found in sight.

The new life emerges,

Through the frigid air it prospers,

For the sun comes out and warms the air,

To help make life anew.

The cold heart of winter,

Softens with the touch of spring.

Spring’s happy aura overpowering,

The bitter soul of snow.

As we now say goodbye to winter,

We say hello to something new,

To life, to color, and warmth

And away from the snow and cold.

The flowers bloom,

The bees do buzz,

The trees grow their new leaves,

The children play,

All day in the sun,

And enjoy the happy, spring day.

Frozen Jr. Write Up by Caylee Hansel

Rehearsal for Tamanend Players had its challenges this year. Rehearsals took lots of planning and organization due to COVID. Limited amounts of cast and crew were allowed in the auditorium or chorus room at a time. Rehearsals were organized by scenes and groups. Cast members periodically took breaks from the stage and closed-in rooms to allow ventilation. Social distancing sure made the play harder to choreograph. Mics were assigned per scene and were wiped off after each use. Before every rehearsal, COVID surveys were to be filled out for each member in the production. Scenes were filmed one by one this year, instead of a straight-through performance. There was also a virtual aspect of our musical this year. Virtual students, or hybrid students, filmed videos that were used in the backgrounds of the show. Audio was also filmed for background audio tracks to help singers on stage. Rehearsals for this year’s musical were a lot more complicated, but in the end, it was worth it!

Tamanend’s musical was a little different this year, but definitely just as amazing! The cast, crews, and teachers all worked together to make a fabulous production of Frozen Jr.! There were multiple live performances with about a dozen cast members on March 20th. New special features were added to the filmed production of the show this year that couldn’t have been possible with a live show. The interactive performances were very engaging with the audience, even encouraging audience participation for iconic scenes like the kick line. After the thrilling performance, audience members were led outside to a unique walk-through. This included being blasted with snow right as you exited and other fun activities. You got to enjoy some hot cocoa, karaoke, pictures with the cast, and purchasable items! The filmed play was broadcast live on March 20th and 21st. Special notes and a treat for Kiss the Cast were picked up in the band room this year. They were certainly amazing mementos to keep forever! This year’s play was not like any other year, but through hard work it was created into an amazing experience!

Special thanks to Mr. Sanchez, Mrs. Wilhelm, Ms. Vitacco, Avery Merz, the Tech Crew, the Stage Crew, and the Cast for an amazing production this year!

Trudge Through Graves of Dreams by Olivia Cao

Across the seas of cobalt thread

Where cold scorned all

And rivers fled

Lived a girl bedecked in red

Who dreamed of freedom’s skies

The sailors came

Despite their cries

Who ripped their clothes and

left them tied

And her mother raised her emptied eyes

To whisper prayer to no one

The girl breathed death from sorrow spun

And scarred her hands

From fighting sun(light)

That which had once been heaven won

Was now naught but burning flame

And when finally arrived

with lack of aim

Shoulders laden with pain and shame

And blood they couldn’t give a name

were displayed like things to own

They trudged along without a moan

Heads from shoulders

hung with stone

And patched skin from the grieving sewn

Into their very souls

And the girl ignored the emptied bowls

And hunger pangs and digging holes

And all the bodies they

whipped on poles

That bled and wailed and sung

She aged till she was far from young

And her dreams of freedom stayed on her tongue

But graves grew with years

That fatefully sprung

With the markings of the crow

And in years beyond where she couldn’t go

A new little girl walked past in the snow

And breathed what her elders

would never know:

an expanse of living freedom.

Photography by Shrinithaa Elangovan

Our Warning by Talia Perlman

The winter sheds its candied fur

That staged snowy blurs

And frozen visions in our dreams

She reveals the waltzing brooks and streams

The bright flame grows clear

And hugs her neighboring and aching sphere

The once slumbering warmth thaws the bitter earth

She is tender and warm with her rebirth

The sky blows a stroke of love

And meadows cry for the rain above

The birds sing and soar

And the humble bee’s whirl in a laboring war

Trees harvest their emerald gifted boughs

Greeting the new seasons vows

Those who worship the rosy world observe all that smile

In cherry painted isles

The creations bloom in the active morning

And they heed a whisper of warning

“We’ve swallowed your toxic waste

And swayed along your dangerous chase

Of creating a realm of gloom and steel

In our rage we elect to repeal

Those who do not find us ideal

In a natural world we founded

The wildlife desire to be eternally grounded

So, we voice for all when we cry

The soul of the terrain has vanished in hopes for all to die”

World of Spring by Olivia Cao

Puddles glint with liquid light

That beams through woven trees

And the dewdrops shine on

Emerald leaves

Amidst buzzing bumblebees

The flowers bloom with the coming morn

Who caresses the skies with dawn

And Winter’s lion slinks away

The bite of frost long gone

Sunlight stretches like a cat

Before playing with the leaves

Leaving dappled spots along the trees

And sprinkled among the eaves

Ruffled feathers dance in the clouds

Like dancers in a dream

Whispering their secrets to the wind

Casting rainbows on the stream

Nature seems to release a breath

Although the snow still clings

As the world sweeps away the bitter cold

To recall the warmth of spring

Poem by Madalyn Jimiera

We raise our fists

To show they aren’t alone

To show you aren’t alone

We raise our fists

To remember those we have lost

To remember those the world has lost

We raise our fists

Unafraid to stand up for what’s right

Unafraid to speak out against injustice

We raise our fists

Not as a trend

But as a movement

We raise our fists

To show no matter who you are

We are all the same

We raise our fists

United together

Forever marching for a cause

On a Day in Spring by Olivia Cao

The earth folds me in sun-warmed arms

That smell of heated brass

Buttercups scattered like lost sunshine

Among a sea of grass

And the babbling brook hums her songs

That sing of melted snow

Sparkling with her silver smiles

And scattered leaves aglow

The bark of trees weep tears of amber

Ever glistening

Whose branches dance in a phantom breath

With rustled whispering

Winter’s last wish glides away

Along Zephyr’s lonely breeze

That’s carried through the cotton clouds

And sifted through the trees

The wind seems weaved of wakened whims

Who flit like curls of smoke

Weaving the air with a gossamer glint

With an airy, flowered cloak

Spring whisks in with fleeting feet

And breaths of morning dew

Showering nature in a year reborn

And a world remade anew

The Secret Grove of Springtime

By: Olivia Cao

The clouds floated lazily overhead, and the sun beamed down on the Earth the day Apple spouted from her seed. It was late morning when Europa found her, having germinated her for a science project, and shouted for her mother to come. Europa squealed with delight, already running through plans in her head for Apple, but her mother only smiled sadly. There would be no room for the tiny seedling in the miniature house bought with the remains of the family’s money after her father had gambled it away. There would be no keeping Apple in flowerpots they had no room for, no time for caring for in the busy, tangled mess of their lives, despite Europa’s gardener dreams.

Keep reading this delightful short story by visiting the link below:

The Secret Grove of Springtime.docx

Fist of Black and Grey by Olivia Cao

In a world seemed drawn

In black and grey

Alone a people stood

In a world who deemed them

Less than life

A shadow of what they could

Have been

The sea seemed posed

To drown them in

A flood of empty eyes

And mocking stares and jeering jokes

And a cage of red-winged cries

One by one they were felled from earth

In pain and wrath and tears

Branded with stars

And screams that echoed

Throughout the broken years

And blood soaked into the core of good

And Justice wept defeat

And people crumpled to the ground

In bodies obsolete

Yet after the years eroded youth

Alone a fist emerged

Alive to tell its grisly tales

The survivals it had purged

Alone a fist beheld the world

Raised with borrowed breath

Freed from chains of shattered dreams

And defiant of grieving death

The Sights of Spring by Talia Perlman

I tickle the heavens with my extended wings

And descend into a planet of olive and umber

The world is stirring from the youthful Spring

The beasts awake from their extensive slumber

I examine fields and witness the world as it blooms

A display of intense colors fills the sluggish earth

Younglings prance and beam with no logic of gloom

I am once again reminded of their realms worth

As I approach the gardens of the gods, I see features that were imperceptible from above

The vegetation has eruptions of jade on their once exposed limbs

The grassland and the rains are in a meaningful awareness of love

And dewdrops dot the blade’s rims

Their arms extended toward the skies

They are summoning for more of the enjoyable showers

Their whispers turn into cries

As the deep blues and grays fall onto the amused flowers

Their shades no less vivid

Their details only precise and more defined

The mortals however are livid

As they do not find this wonderful weather divine

My wings are moist with blissful water

But I cannot discover a motive to be upset

As this is just winter’s sweet granddaughter

That is not here to be a threat

Spring is sugary and splendid

As she does not demand control

She is here to distribute cheerfulness and affection

To all those who wish to flourish in the mighty world

Our Fists by Talia Perlman

We are a spark of flames in an immense forest of obstinacy

We inscribe our mark into the earth of an unjust terrain

We lift our fists to shatter the delicate container we were reluctantly trapped in

The remnants of our former glass case glaze the ground in a glittery layer

This transparent solid shows the wicked creation we absconded from

The fragments do not conceal the sinful behaviors of the publics past

But only illustrates a contemporary perspective

Displaying the reality, we remain enforced to

We intend to flee this destructive world we were trained to value like our longing for equal privileges

The tightening of our hand indicates courage in the confrontation of fear and cruelty

The public reasons that our triumphs are a dishonor to their sheltered household

We, however, imagine it to be a scorch into a once inflammable item

Our fists, a representation of liberty in contradiction to the chains from our past, future, and present

We intend to maintain our battle

While waiting for the conflict to fall into an impartial union of love

An Announcement from the Poetry Department

Hello and thank you to everyone who read this edition of the Roaring Voices Review Magazine! We would like to give a special thanks to Tamanend students Olivia Cao and Talia Perlman. They have offered to share their beautiful poetry and short stories with us in this spring edition! We greatly appreciate their contributions to this newsletter!!
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