Woodrow Wilson

President from 1912-1921

President Woodrow Wilson

Advocate of Democracy for All

Wilson led the US during WWI in at attempt to secure democracy for all. As a part of his Fourteen Points, he also advocated for self-determination for all countries, especially the new ones that formed after the war. He was one of the "Big Four" that led the delegates to the Paris Peace Conference and had a huge influence on the Treaty of Versailles.

Wilson's Role in Women's Suffrage

At first he was resistant and become a target of the suffragists' protests, but later changed his opinion and became an advocate of suffrage for women. He worked to convince Congress to pass the 19th Amendment.

A Strong Advocate of Peace for All

Wilson was a Progressive leader who stressed individualism and states' rights in his New Freedom platform as President.

Is Wilson as Perfect as Everyone Hopes?

Princeton University, his alma mater, is examining his potential racist past. See the full story at the link below.



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