The Inventions of Hugo Cabret

Read this book you wont regret it !!! : )

Brian Selznick is the author : )

By Adam Conley

There is this kid his name is Hugo's life is about to change forever. It all starts when his dad dies his uncle comes in and tells him he has to go with him and live with him. before his dad is gone he gives him a notebook. when he gose to look at the notebook and the toy store owner takes it. he says if you want it back you have to work for it. he works he never gets it back so this kid named isabella takes it and gives it to hugo.he builds the thing in the book. he has to steal a key from isabella he puts the key in the keyhole and turns it and it draws a picture when it is done they fight over it and ripe it in half. read the book to find out.

You have to read this book !!!

Awesome book !!!

You will like this book if you like inventing. : )

Book Trailer for The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick
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