The Giver

Author: Lois Lowry Project By: Adrian Marcano

Book Summary

Imagine living in a place where you were never hurt as in physically and verbally. This is the type of life that they live in in the Giver but is it really all that great. They won't let you feel anything including emotions such as love and many others, you can't see any colors, and you cant hear anything but people talking meaning no music. You also get assigned jobs by the time you are 12 and there is one job that is rarely picked which is the Receiver of Memory. This person holds the memories of the past which does include the ability to hear music, see colors, and feel emotions. When one receiver finally realizes how bad it is he decides to do something about it but will it work ... will the love come back.

Main Character-Jonas

Jonas has been chosen as the new receiver so he must hold all the memories of the community and the past. He must be trained by the Giver the original receiver. His training is secret and cannot be spoken of to anyone and he learns the not so good truth of the place he lives in and the good about why they do it. But is all of it really necessary for a good life. When he learns what really happens for release he goes through great lengths to stop it.

Other Important Characters

" ' Listen to me,Jonas. They can't help it. They know nothing.' "

Teacher-like Questions

Why is there a receiver?

  • There is a receiver because one person must hold the memories, wisdom, and pain of the past.

How is the lives of the people in the community different to ours?

  • They don't know what love is and they also don't know about the past.

How is it alike?

  • We live by a strict and orderly government.

Overall Rating

I really enjoyed this book. I usually like books with more adventure but this book was still a very good one and i can't wait until i read the next novel.