3 Ways To Overcome Fear

I recalled the time in primary school when I was scared to participate in high elements.I had a fear of heights.I was not advised on how to handle fear.That is why I was always been laughed at.Eventually someone came to help me to overcome fear.Without his help I would still be scared of heights until now.I believe that overcome fear is important.So I chose to use this topic as my essay to help other people.

Rewire your brain

Develop mantras and affirmations that build up your confidence.For example,read uplifting books to help interrupt the negative inner dialogue that goes on your mind.Therefore it will help overcome fear

Do one thing that everyday that scares you.

It was because,not doing anything will increase the likelihood that your fears will become bigger.For example, if you are scared of heights ,participate in abseling,rock climbing,high elements and many other stuff that is related to heights.It will then boost your confidence.

Therfore,you will overcome your fears slowly.

Have a well thought out plan.

Taking action towards meaningful goals helps to relieve stress.Set extremely clear goals with a detailed plan. Fear creeps in and paralyzes us when we don't take the time to plan our lives.


Therefore,I believe overcoming fear is important.So I am giving tips to overcome fears.

I hope this will help people who had fear and can overcome their fear slowly.