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8th Grade Promotion Information!

Click on this link below for updated promotion information:

Bell Middle Information

Bell Middle: 620 Briarwood Rd, San Diego, CA, 92139. Enter through the South Parking Lot, walk up the stairs to the main gates. Parents must enter through the main lobby.

Students: What to Bring: Chromebook fully charged & Charger.

Parents: Check your student's health daily. If student is ill or has a temperature keep your student home and email: and

Gates open daily at 720am

School Hours:

Regular Days: 730am-230pm Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri

Minimum Days: 730am-114pm Every Thurs

Regular Day Schedule: Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri.

Gates open at 7:20am. Students are in class from 7:35am-2:30pm on regular days.

Modified Day Schedule: Every Thursday

Gates open at 7:20am. Students are in class from 7:35am-1:14pm on modified days.

Power School Access

Click on the PowerSchool link below:

Type in your User Name and Password

If you do not know your Password for PowerSchool


Bell Middle Student Planner

Is your student a bus rider?

Our three bus stops are at Paradise Hills Elementary, Pacific View Leadership Academy & Nye Elementary.

  • Pick Up at Pacific View is at 6:57am/Drop Off is at 2:48pm & 1:48pm on Min Days
  • Pick Up at Paradise Hills is at 7:03am/Drop Off is at 2:53pm & 1:53pm on Min Days
  • Pick Up at Nye Elementary is at 7:10am/Drop Off is at 3:01pm & 2:01pm on Min Days

If your student lives by Perry Elementary, they will use the Paradise Hills Elementary bus stop

If your student lives by Penn Elementary, there is no bus because you live in between the bus stops offered and Bell Middle

There may be a waiting list for applications:

Transportation is working diligently to place all students on the bus.

All bus riders must fill out the Transportation Application form directly below.

Guardians please sign and send in PDF form to

Cell Phones

Cell phones must be put away, and off, when walking in the front gate in the morning until walking out of the gate in the afternoon.

Cell phones should be off during passing periods, classrooms, and anywhere on campus. If students need to call home during school hours, our protocol is for students to call from a land line in the front office.

Bell Middle is not responsible for lost or stolen cell phones:

Students: please keep an eye on your belongings at all times and keep your cell phone in your pocket. Cell phones should not be out, and if out they may be confiscated for the day and stored with Perla in the front office. Cell phones may be picked up at Perla's desk by a parent or guardian in the front office after school.

Please Have Your Student Picked up or Walk Home by 2:40pm Reg Days and 1:25pm Min Days

We are glad students like socializing afterschool in front of the school. Unfortunately it is a safety concern. We do not have supervision after 240pm on regular days and 125pm on modified days. Please ensure your student has a plan in place and either walks home or is picked up from Bell Middle everyday once school is dismissed. For safety purposes, students cannot hang around outside of the campus after school. They either must be picked up, walk home, or in Primetime or a club on campus afterschool.

Your Bell Middle Support Staff


Schedule questions/counseling services/check ins

English Coordinator

English Language Support

Nurse and Wellness

Health concerns/medication

Attendance Clerk

Report absences/illnesses

Records Clerk

Student records/transcripts

Site Tech

PowerSchool Student/Parent Access

Library Tech


Finance Office

PE Clothes/Unpaid Items

Primetime Afterschool Program

Hours/registration/any questions


Associate Principal