Earn a $50 rebate off your Jamberry Nails Consultant Kit!

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Through July 31, 2013-- you can earn a rebate on half your kit. Host your own in home or Facebook party and earn up to half off with kit credit. You could potentially get your kit free with these two offers! That's right, you can start a business for FREE! Contact me if you would like more info on becoming a consultant.

Jamberry Nails is an incredible opportunity! Ask yourself what you need? Spending cash, help paying bills, vacation money? How could an extra $100, $200 or $500 more help you and your achieve those goals?

Jamberry is here to help! During the month of July, Jamberry is offering a $50 rebate on all starter kits to those who reach their first fast start (I will be here to guide you along the entire way) That means you can start your business for about the cost of one salon pedicure!

Will you take advantage of this opportunity? I did, and it has helped pay for my family summer vacation.

You get everything you need to start your business!

Plus an additional three sheets of wraps (your choice)!

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Lindsey Tyner ~Jamberry Nails Independent Consultant

I joined Jamberry Nails in November 2012 after trying one set of sample nails, I was hooked on the product. I have not changed my mind about the product since then. Jamberry Nails is a wonderful company to work for, and is full of many amazing women who are there to hold each other accountable. Since joining Jamberry Nails I have met some wonderful people. I can't wait to have you join my team and share the wonderful things Jamberry has to offer each and every consultant. You set your own goals and Jamberry will help you accomplish those.