Middle East/Islam Today

By: Kylie Bray and Catherine Gott

Women and Islam

People believe that the conditions for women in the Middle East have improved since the time before the Advent of Islam. Feminist in the Muslim world were for the most part upper class women modeled after feminists in the west. Soon feminism began taking in Islamic forms instead of the Western form. As you may know there are a lot of rules for women. Some of them are:

-There is no such thing as rape in marriage

-Wives can not turn down sex

-Women must wear Hijabs or head coverings

-They can choose who they marry, most of the time

-Women may not pray, fast, or touch the Quaran during Menstration

Contributions of Islam to the World

  • Doctor Al Zahrawi made a 1,500 page encyclopedia of surgery that was performed in Europe that was used as a reference for 500 years. He discovered dissolving cat gut to stitch wounds and created the first pair of forceps.
  • The flying machine was made by Abbas ibn Firanas that later influenced inventor Leonardo de Vinci
  • Coffee was first brewed in Yemen in the 9th century and reached Europe in the 16th century
  • 859, Fatima al-Firhi founded the first university in Fez, Morocco. It is still operating 1,200 years later
  • Muhammed the prophet popularized the toothbrush in the 600's


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