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April 7, 2020

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Good Morning Sharks!

Distance Learning Week 2 Underway

I hope all is well with you! It is very exciting to see new courses rolled out, see pics of your zoom with kiddos and each other. It's a great time to be a Shark as I am overwhelmed by the ways that you have all come together for the good of our school.

We will have a Monthly Chill on Monday at 9:00. It is important that we stay connected and since we don't see each other every day, we will have two a month. You can click here to join the chill. The password is Sharks. I will send out a reminder as it gets closer.

Don't forget our Quarantine Photo Contest! A fabulous prize will be sanitized and delivered to the door of the winner. You can email them to me!

Non-Working Numbers

If you encounter a non-working number, please report it here. We will be working on a system to find good numbers soon.

Graduation and Prom

Graduation is still scheduled for 3PM on June 3rd at USF. We have been asked to push prom out to late May and Mrs. Allison is working with the Verizon center on that.

Canvas Tip: Messaging Students who have not Completed an Activity

Teachers are quite busy in myLearning/Canvas reviewing student progress, grading assignments, answering questions, and providing collegial support.

Once graded, scores on assignments show up in the Gradebook within myLearning. (Note: These do NOT travel over to myStudent. For now, let's consider that a good thing and set aside any discussion of the myStudent grading system.)

But how can you give a nudge to those students who've not yet submitted a given assignment? There is a messaging feature in myLearning/Canvas that allows you to push out a message to only specified groups of students.

Here are the steps for how to use it. As well, you may wish to refer to the screenshots in the gallery below.

  1. Click the Grades area found along the lefthand listing of course sections. This will bring up a table view of the grade book for the course.
  2. Beside the title of a given assignment, there are three dots stacked one on top of the other. Click once to open a drop down menu of options.
  3. One option says, Message Students Who. Move your pointer and single click that option.
  4. An email message screen opens to the selection, Haven't Submitted Yet. Typically, those are the students you're wanting to contact!
  5. Type your reminder and click the button at the bottom to Send Message. (It will send you a copy of the message too.)

Activities for All of Us

Pasco County Schools published a calendar with activities that students and families (and educators) can do each day to stay connected and fulfilled during the month of April. It's worth sharing with students but also good for each of us.
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~Resources You Can Consult~

Distance Learning One Note

There is an icon on your myPascoConnect dashboard (see to the left) called Distance Learning. It is a OneNote document which means that it’s kind of like a binder with sections and subsections. It contains all the guidance that people need including the plan for attendance. I know it is lengthy, but please consult it when a question arises. If nothing there answers your question, reach out to us.

How to Get Help - For Teachers

On your myPascoConnect dashboard, you will find a new icon called How To Get Help that links to a single page help document with important resources for when teachers hit a roadblock.

TIP: Remember to always be signed in to myPascoConnect and Office 365. These open the gateway for other links and resources to load properly for you.

Happy Birthday, Tiffany!! (Today)

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Happy Birthday, Courtney (Wednesday)

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