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The SMS Athletic Newsletter

Week of 9/11/22:

Hopefully everyone enjoyed their weekends and took some time to reflect on the tragedies that occurred on September 11, 2001, the ripple effect afterwards and appreciate some of the heroism that was displayed as a result. As time goes by more and more details of some acts of heroism erode from our memories. I encourage everyone take a couple of moments this week to read a story or watch a video describing some of the acts of heroism from that tragic day. I chose to reread the story of Pat Tillman, a NFL player that gave up his dream of playing professional football to serve in the Army and eventually gave his country the ultimate sacrifice after 9/11/01.

Admittedly I had to rewrite this next part of the newsletter as I had pegged the Browns for another opening day loss after giving up the late lead but lo and behold our kicker saved the day! As it turns out it does pay to draft a kicker in the 4th round!! All in all it was a great sports weekend for NEO, Browns win, Buckeyes win, and Guardians swept the weekend! Some of our high school teams had just as much success as well!

In this week's newsletter we look at the following items.

  • Fan Etiquette Reminder
  • Registration for winter athletics.
  • Recaps of last weeks and what instore for this weeks games.
  • How to follow teams is attending games/matches/contests is not possible.
  • Athletic website info.
  • Learn some things the Athletic Boosters have done for SMS and SHS teams.
  • Learn how to win a NEW CAR!
  • Player eligibility information.
  • How you can now purchase tickets from your phone.

Warm Regards,

Jason Keppler, Assistant Athletic Director

Strongsville City Schools


Strongsville City Schools, its students, its staff, and its services are all part of a first class community. The roots of our first class nature are derived from the actions of the great families that comprise Strongsville. With that said, being first class doesn't mean being perfect in all actions. In part, it means having the desire, open-mindedness and skillset to get better when needed. Over the last several weeks some middle school students, perhaps unknowingly, engaged in some unsportsmanlike conduct from the bleachers at some recent athletic contests. Most of us know that being good neighbors to our opponents, their fans and the officials is a part of being first class. It might not be knows to many middle school aged students who are starting to experience their first sense of freedom.

I am strongly encouraging all families to have this conversation with your middle school aged child. Please inform them that the only acceptable behavior at sporting event is being positive. Any negative behavior/speech is strictly prohibited. I really don't think this will be much of a problem going forward as I know everyone will respond. For the small chance that it continues, restrictions on student attendance will be enforced. Restrictions can range from students being required to have their parent attend events with them to students being banned from attendance. Below is a brief explanation as it relates to acceptable and unacceptable fan behavior. Thank you for your cooperation.


If your child is looking to wrestle or play basketball for SMS this winter please know that process begins by logging into Final Forms. Access that site HERE. More details below about registration are below. .

  • Detailed Registration Instructions
  • Having an active physical on file with the athletic office is a requirement. You can access the physical form HERE.
  • Pay-to-Participate Info
  • All Pay-to-Participate and prior year school fees must be paid in order for students to be eligible to participate.
  • SMS students must have passed at least 4 classes in their previous quarter to be eligible. If their GPA is below a 2.0 they will have to submit weekly progress reports.



  • This week XC will compete against Brunswick, Medina Root and Medina Claggett at Ella Canavan Elementary School on Tuesday, 9/13.
  • Go HERE for a recap of last weeks home meet versus North Royalton and Olmsted Falls. Once on the webpage tap menu, then fall, then cross country, then middle school, and then your specific team to view the recaps.
  • If any 7th or 8th grader still wants to participate in XC this season please reach out to Coach Blackman at


  • Go HERE for a recap of last weeks matches against Medina, Brunswick, and Euclid. Once on the webpage tap menu, then fall, then girls volleyball, then middle school, and then your specific team to view the recaps.
  • Please note that all games may start late due to the availability of buses for SCS and other school districts.
  • Below are the upcoming matches for the week of 9/11.
  • 9/15- Both
  • squads will be in Mentor taking on the Cardinals. The 7th graders will be at Shore for a 4:30 start and the 8th graders will be at Memorial for a 4:30 start.


  • Go HERE for a recap of last weeks games against Mentor and Parma Shiloh. Once on the webpage tap menu, then fall, then boys football, then middle school, and then your specific team to view the recaps.
  • Friendly reminder- players should not have gum and or candy on the turf field. After last weeks games I noticed several gum wrappers and even a wad of gum on the turf.
  • Game for this week are below. Each team has two games .
  • Please note that all games may start late due to the availability of buses for SCS and other school districts.
  • 9/14- The 7th graders will be at home versus Medina Claggett and the 8th graders will be on the road against Medina Claggett.4:30 kickoffs (delays possible)
  • 9/15- The 8th graders will be at home versus Medina Claggett and the 7th graders will be on the road against Medina Claggett. 4:30 kickoffs (delays possible).
  • Schedule link with game notes/details-

SCS Athletic Website

All things SMS Athletics can be found at the athletic website linked below.

  • Game Schedules
  • Game Results/Recaps
  • Athletic Forms
  • Sports Medicine Info
  • Ticketing Info
  • Online Team Shop
  • Sports Registration/Tryout Info

Did you know the Athletic Boosters did this?

Everyone has heard how vital the Athletic Boosters are to the athletic programs at SCS's but some/many might have no idea some of the great things they do. Every so often we will feature some of the ways they have supported the teams.

This club is driven by it's members. Without them it would be hard for them to thrive. With the Boosters taking initiative to be EVEN MORE involved at the middle school level the time is now to support them! Please consider becoming a member. Details below.


NOTED 9/11- Last year the Boosters paid for a new high jumping pit to provide a more safe landing area for all of the track leapers!

NOTED 9/4- The Boosters paid for and replaced all of the middle school basketball uniforms last year! Now their looks match their premier talent as they don some great looking, reversible Under Armor uniforms each game!

NOTED 8/27- The Boosters pay the district to allow students free entry to all athletic contests (football and boys basketball excluded)? That's right FREE ENTRY. What an incredibly gracious gift!

Strongsville Athletic Boosters

The Strongsville Athletic Boosters is comprised of parent volunteers that raise funds and provide support to all of the Strongsville High School and Middle School athletic programs and student-athletes. Every dollar raised by the booster club is invested back into the student-athlete experience. We purchase uniforms, warm-ups, training equipment and other items to help our student-athletes perform to the best of their ability in representing Strongsville City Schools. Our ultimate success depends on the commitment of parents! Click HERE to join the Athletic Boosters for the 2022-2023 school year. Becoming a member not only helps your student's success but it also gets you some free SWAG. Details in the graphic below.
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Athletic Booster Car Raffle

Win the car below. Click/Tap HERE for more details!
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Player Eligibility

Player eligibility is determined by SCS and OHSAA policies. Some of the eligibility criteria is listed below.

  • Students must maintain at least a 2.0 G.P.A. Should their G.P.A. fall below a 2.0 they will be put on a weekly progress reports to assure assignments and effort are up to snuff. If not the players will be required to sit until improvement is made.
  • Students must have passed at least 4 classes in the previous quarter (5 if at SHS). Should this criteria not be met a student will not be eligible for the forthcoming athletic season.
  • Pay to Participate and previous year academic fees must be paid in order to partake in athletic games/contests. Students will be withheld from all contests until fees are paid.
  • OHSAA Eligibility Resource Center


The Majority of Schools in the Northeast Ohio as well as the state of Ohio utilize the Hometown Ticketing app for online tickets. Fans can now download the Hometown ticketing app called Hometown Ticketing Fan and purchase tickets for many games (home and away) through the app.


Anyone that plans on attending a home contest for the Mustangs can purchase their tickets multiple ways. Keep in mind that ticket prices are set by the GCC

All other VARSITY sporting events will have $7.00 tickets for adults and $5.00 for students.

For stand alone JV, Freshman AND Middle School games, tickets will be $4.00 and $2.00

1. Tickets will be sold online through our NEW online Ticketing Partner, Hometown Ticketing. The link can be found HERE. This is the preferred method of payment for all home contests. You can also purchase tickets by going to STRONGSVILLEATHLETICS.ORG and by clicking on each team's schedule, there is a BUY TICKETS option. If you have question, please reach out to the Athletic Office.

2. We will offer at the gate cash and CREDIT CARD sales for all home contests. Again, if you do not want to wait in line, the online ticket option would be best

3. SENIOR CITIZEN DISCOUNTS. The GCC will allow Senior Citizens into any contest free of charge. At Strongsville, we will be issuing Senior Citizen All-Access passes that will allow them to attend any HOME sporting event free of charge. Passes will issued at any ticket gate upon entrance to an event.

(Please keep in mind that when we play non-league contests away, those schools may have a different senior citizen policy)

If you have any questions about the ticketing policy, please do not hesitate to contact the athletic department.

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