LaCocoDots November Kudos

Celebrating all your successes!!


'Tis the season to STYLE!! LaCocoDots, November was incredible! YOU are incredible! We have record numbers of stylists on our team out doing trunk shows, styling women, building teams, beating your best, promoting, re-promoting and best of all, earning on your little blue card how and when you want!!! I am so happy for all of you who are making things happen and changing your own lives!! December is going to be magical and even more amazingness will happen!!

Top Sales- November 2014

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Welcome New Stylists!

WELCOME to our new stylists!! We are so excited to have you join Stella & Dot and look forward to getting to know you along your journey!!


Ashley Bardash- Senior Stylist*

Rebecca DiMartino- Senior Stylist

Julie Foster- Senior Stylist*

Roxanne Harrell- Associate Stylist

Jessica McLaughlin- Associate Stylist

Christi Turner- AssociateStylist

Lauren Train- Associate Stylist*

Whitney Davidiuk- Associate Stylist

Susan Carruth- Associate Stylist*

Laura Decker- Associate Stylist

Congratulations to ALL of you!! 10 promotions in one month is a HUGE deal! I hope you are proud of your hard work and accomplishments!


Trunk Shows Held

1. Whitney Davidiuk- 7

2. Kathleen Barnes-7

3. Erin Burns-6

4. Alissa Turnbull-5

5 Aimee McDonald-5

6. Julie Foster-5

7. Lauren Train-5

8. Ashley Bardash-5

9. Jennifer Blount-4

10. Jeri Ann Faircloth-4

11. Kim Naccarato-4

12. Sarah Kendrick-4

13. Amanda Shaw-3

14.Rebecca DiMartino-3

15. Wendy Sargent-3

16. Katherine Hardy- 3

17. Catherine Eck-3

18. Allison Walker-3

19. Jessica McLaughlin-3

Congratulations Julie Foster!!