First Citizens Bank

Commercial Bank

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Three important things you would look for.





~Physical location~

Multiple locations are available across the nation.


Yes it has insurance.

Checking Account?

Multiple types of checking accounts are avaliable.


Yes there are fees, but you could probablyavoid some of them by managing your account responsibly.

Unlimited Check Writing?

No, there is a limit and you can only do four.

Other things you would like to know about checking accounts?

~No minimum balance

~Exclusive rates and benefits

Savings Account?

A number of saving accounts are accessible.

Interest Rate?




Yes there are some fees, maybe you could avoid them if you do it right.

Other Information?


~No monthly fee

~Interest rate is guaranteed

Features Offered?

Offer debit cards?



ATM's are available because on the website it shows it.

Online or Mobile Banking?

Yes there is both online and mobile banking connected to this bank.

Other Services?

~Personal loans

~No prepayment penalty

Other information that's important?