Going Google

Volume 10

Google Tip #1 - Embed Media and Documents into your Google Site

When you are using Google Docs and Google Sites, there is no need to know how to edit or embed HTML code to have your documents and media to show up on your Google Site.

Once you are in the editing view of your google site, simply click Insert and choose what type of media or document from your drive you would like to insert. You can then choose the dimensions of that document to be shown on your site. Once you save your site, viola, your document or media file is embedded into your Google Site!

You can embed a plethora of items, from your google calendar to a google presentation. You do need to make sure any documents and presentations that you embed on your website are viewable via a link or publicly in order for everyone who visits your site to see them.

Google Tip #2 - Reply to an Email Quoting Highlighted Text

Sometimes there is no need for a reply to have the original email included, it may be that you are responding to a particular point, or need to to draw attention to a specific paragraph. Using Gmail you can now quote text you have highlighted.
Simply select the text you wish to include in your reply by left clicking and dragging your mouse then choose reply or reply to all as normal. Your response will only include the chosen text and not the whole email. If the email you are replying to was part of a conversation, it will remain in the conversation, but that email won't have the whole email string quoted - a useful feature.

Tip #3 - Translate Document Tool

Google Docs uses Google Translate to help you translate an entire document into one of 64 languages.
Here's how to translate a document:

  1. Go to the Tools menu, and select Translate document....
  2. Type in the name of the new document, select the language into which you'd like to translate the document, and press Translate.
  3. A translated copy of your document will be created. You can access this copy in your Documents List.

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