MS Conferences

Mark your Calendar for Conferences!

Conferences at the Middle School

February 26th and 28th will be conferences at the middle school from 2-7:30. There will also be a book fair in the library each day.

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Why are we doing this format?

Students and parents will meet in the gym. Students will present what they have been learning to their parents. When the 15-minute presentation is completed, students and parents will have an opportunity to meet with any teachers. Teachers will be in their classrooms.

Why are we using this format? The most important person at the conference is the student. They are responsible for their learning. This is a great way for them to assume the responsibility by showing what they know to their parents. The students are very proud to share that information. This is also an extension of the elementary spring student-led conferences.

If you talk with your child often about their work, you might find the information redundant. A student organizing material, reviewing what they have learned, and presenting the material is a great extension of the classroom.

When the first part is over, you may talk with any teachers you want. Most teachers will be in their classrooms. The others will be in the gym. We are doing this because you can then determine which teachers you want to talk with. There is flexibility for the parents in doing it this way

If you have any questions or concerns at this time about your child’s progress, call now. Please do not wait!