The Dead-Tossed Waves

Carrie Ryan

The Dead-Tossed Waves; the second book of the series of three starting with The Forest of Hands and Teeth and ending with The Dark and Hollow Places.


This novel begins in the town of Vista, surrounded by a large wall protecting it from mudo (zombies). The main characters at the start of the story are Gabry, her mother, Mary, her best friend, Cira, and Cira's brother, Catcher, who all live in a lighthouse away from the rest of the town. Cira tries to get Gabry to climb the wall with her, Catcher, and several others to an amusement park on the other side. Gabry is afraid the wall around the park wont protect them from any mudo who may find them. Gabry changes her mind when Catcher asks her to come with them. Once on the other side, Catcher asks Gabry to follow him alone to talk and kisses her. A mudo finds them and attacks Gabry, but Catcher defends her and is infected. Catcher tells Gabry to run before the militia come and arrests her for crossing the wall, leaving behind Catcher and Cira. Gabry visits Cira in jail, while Catcher is still outside of the wall. She climbs the wall again and takes a boat around the park to find Catcher. She is attacked by mudo, but is rescued by a guy named Elias. He takes her to find Catcher. Gabry promises to visit him until he turns into a mudo. Elias takes her back to the lighthouse. The next morning Mary decides to go back to her home in the forest, but Gabry stays in the lighthouse doing Mary's duties. She finds out that Elias took her boat so she didn't go look for Catcher. She swam instead. She doesnt see Catcher, but she finds a cult for the mudo called Soulers. She sees that Elias is one of them and runs away, he chases after her. She swims back to the lighthouse. A few days later a storm hits Vista. Gabry goes to look for Catcher again, but is caught by a man named Daniel. She stabs him to escape and climb the wall. She finds Catcher thinking he'd already turned into a mudo, but he is still human. He and Elias tell her that Catcher is immune to the infection and that Elias isn't a souler, he just uses them to travel from city to city looking for his sister Annah. The recruiters of the town find out Catcher is immune so they follow to recruit him. Catcher tells them that they need to rescue Cira. So he releases several harmless mudo into Vista to cause a distraction. Elias and Gabry rescue Cira. Cira had tried to kill herself because she thought Catcher had turned. Gabry wrapped up her wounds. They all head to the wall to get to Mary's old village. On the way there, Cira's wrists got a blood infection. They made it and found Mary at the village along with a few others. Cira asks Catcher to infect her because shes going to die anyway, but he doesn't. So Cira tries to climb the wall to get infected but Catcher catches her before she made it. The recruiters following Catcher break through the wall, letting in mudo. Cira lets herself get infected and turns. She is killed by a recruiter. Everyone else climbs the wall on the other side of the village. Wandering aimlessly, soon it became dark. While they walked, Elias doesn't see a section of wall that fell downhill and falls over the side. He breaks his leg and catcher helps him back up. The recruiters start to catch up so Elias tells Gabry and Catcher to run ahead, so Catcher isn't forced to be recruited. They both climb a wall to get away and on the other side is a large bridge covered in abandoned cars and mudo that goes over a valley.Gabry walks along the side of the bridge to get across and Catcher rolls some of the cars to shift the balance of the bridge causing it to break before the recruiters could get them. They continue on, in search of somewhere to live.

Summarized Summary

- The main characters; Gabry, her mother Mary, her best friend Cira, and Cira's brother Catcher all live in a town surrounded by a wall.
- The wall protects the town from mudo (zombies)
- Gabry, Cira, and Catcher decide to climb the wall with others from the town, to an amusement park on the other side ( hoping to find the Dark City at some point ). Catcher gets Gabry alone and kisses her. Catcher is infected by a zombie trying to protect Gabry.
- Gabry returns back inside the wall before the militia arrests her for climbing the wall in the first place. Cira is arrested, Catcher is left behind.
- Gabry goes over the wall again in search of Catcher before he turns into a zombie. She is attacked by one and is rescued by a guy named Elias.
- It turns out he knows where Catcher is and takes her to him and finds out he is immune to the zombies infection.
- Unknowing of this, Cira tries killing herself and slits her wrists.
- Gabry and the others rescue her from jail and get through the wall to search for the dark city. Cira's wrists get a blood infection.
- Cira asks her brother to infect her since she is going to die anyway ( even though he is immune he still holds the infection). He refuses.
- Cira gets upset and goes find a zombie to turn her. Militia find her and kill her after she does.
- Elias breaks his leg farther on by falling down a hill in the dark.
- He told Catcher and Gabry to leave him behind so they did.
- They come up to a bridge covered in crashed cars and mudo. They climb the side of the bridge so they aren't attacked.
- Catcher and Gabry make it and continue their search for the Dark city.

The Author: Carrie Ryan

-Carrie Ryan was born January 15th 1978, in Greenville, South Carolina.
-She Graduated from Williams College and Duke University School of Law.
-Carrie is a former litigator, now she is a full time writer.

Gabry is stuck in between loving Catcher or Elias

The Dead-Tossed Waves