Task 1

Explain the personal attributes valued by employers

Specific skills

Technical knowledge: technical knowledge is very important and required. you would see many difficult problems in the work and without technical knowledge it will not help you to sort it out that problem sometimes you would get staff who helps you how to fix it but it is very important to have your own technical knowledge and employees requires technical knowledge which can push forward to succeed their job and it is one of the key important skills that valued by employees or employer.

health and safety: health and safety is important for the employees. every employees needs health and safety which they can stay the work without worrying otherwise employees can feel unhappy to come the work with feeling worrying that can cause they leave the job. for example IT employees can feel worrying such as headaches, eye blind and spend long time in computers so the IT employees health and safety for that points such as getting break and instructions about how to sit the chair comfortably.

Working attitudes: working attitudes is very important for the employer. it is just how to respect with other employees and deal with them in a good way and also it is to do the work correctly and not made mistake which can be waste the time.

General attributes

planning skills: Planning skills are important and it is to have plan skills that the employees to manage visibly and effectively and also when you can add extra skills in the work. also it is making sure to complete the work on time in a good way.

organisational skills: it is just needs to do the work step by step by physically and electronically otherwise it it is easy to lose important documents and also misplace them by physically and electronically

time management: time management is very important and it is the way you manage your time and spend it. employee can make plan to manage if they have big task and small task and this time you have to use time management which helps you how to set up these projects and how long will it take. this called time management.

team working: This is very important for employees which means a group of people or team can work together and finish task on time which individual cannot do and team working also is to improve things that they doing also it is sharing opinions and making their own decision.

verbal skills: employees needs verbal skills and it is important by the employees in any jobs for example IT jobs there are a lot of information that the employees use by verbally and if they go wrong then the task could done incorrectly.

written communication skills: this is very important in any job specially IT employees use many written communications which they communicate each other on PC or mobile messages and for example if one of employee write a message to another employee and did not say correctly then their will be come misunderstanding for that error.

numeracy: numeric skills are very important which means the employees must a good at numeric skills and also employee must be good at calculations and have to be correctly.

creativity: creativity is very important for the employer and it is bringing new opinions and can create project as a team or personality and it is also past experience which helps you to improve what you did not make accurately.


determined: this is very important by the employees which means the employees needs to be determined and work very hard and if they not determined then the work will not be done. employees who determined will be success and done the work on time

independent: being independent is very important because sometimes you would face difficult tasks and you need to sort it out by your own and take the pressure so they need independent which means they think it is good for the work.

integrity: integrity is important one for the employer. it is just to have respect with other people, honest is one of it as well, you just need to do your job without cheating and also employees hard work even if they think it will be gonna hard.

tolerance: having get a patient is one of key important for the employees. in work area you would meet different people with different race so the employees needs to be patient and also may be you would meet people with difficult personality it is important to be patient and also it is important the employees have not discriminate religion or unhealthy by their customers

dependable : dependable means that employees have done the job on time with sharing by the employer in a good way. if not done then it will be slow and mean less work have achieved

problem solving : this is also a key important for the employer. it is just to overcome difficult problems for example you can have a problem with the computer the employer can get a problem so once they solve that problem and fix it then they have done a great job in the work.

leadership: this is very important for the employer. it is responsibility that you need to check if the team that you controlling do the job on time and also arrange them to start work or do the job in correct way and if you do not do it then the job would not be done,

confidence: confidence is very important for the employer and it is to share ideas with your colleagues with confident and also share with them your view without shying.

motivation: motivation is very important, it allows you to do your own things without any help and when you are motivate in your own you would get more improvement in the work and you would be get to be better and better till you have motivation.