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February 14, 2020

“The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Always listen to the art.” – Junot Díaz

In this case, “the art” is storytelling: the storytelling of a good book, whether fiction or nonfiction. I was walking down the MSA office hallway seeing the happy children with their parents as they lined up to purchase a good book. It felt like Christmas just happened – the excitement was just that palpable. One of my Lower Elementary readers, that I have the joy of working with, stopped by my office with his grandmother (of course – who isn’t a pushover for this kind of event?) and showed me his new acquisitions. I had just worked with him that morning on his emerging reading skills and this afternoon, I could see the glimmer in his eye – that now he KNEW he was well on his way to being able to read them “all by himself.”

Also interesting - a quick question asked out of curiosity to adults in the office: “How many of you read books on Kindle?” Not one of them did! (I had to admit that I have many on my Kindle; my “patience quotient” is almost zero.) But still much preferred is the “feel and smell” of a physical book that opens its pages to be underlined, starred, noted with personal thoughts.

And as a grandmother myself, I was lucky enough to know to save my own children’s favorite stories so that I could read the slightly discolored but loved pages again to their offspring.

Yes, this is an unpaid ad to remind you that the Book Fair is open until this Wednesday -- only two days left!

And yes …. It is once again, to remind all of us (me included) to put down the technology and engage in the discovery of a new Potter adventure, the newest travel memoir, or the latest bestselling book on “How to Make a Million AND Donate to Your Favorite Non Profit.” (Still looking for that rich uncle! Ha!)

- Karen Holt

Dates to Remember

Remember that you can always check the MSA website calendar for upcoming calendar events.

February 13-19 - Scholastic Book Fair

February 15 - Deadline for Priority Enrollment (discounted fee through Tuesday morning)

February 16 - GAMAC presents Anderson's Got Talent 2020 (see note below)

February 17 - President's Day, no school, extended day only

February 20 - Spring Benefit parent volunteer meeting (see information below)

February 20 - Last day for personalized yearbook orders

March 2-6 - Play week

April 25 - Escape to Kokomo - Spring Benefit & Auction

Priority Enrollment Deadline

Please be aware that the priority enrollment deadline fell on Saturday, February 15. Due to this falling on the weekend, the discounted enrollment fee will apply through the morning of Tuesday, February 18, so be sure to turn in your enrollments at the start of the week or drop them off in the drop-box this weekend!

Change of Address

Please notify the main office as soon as possible when you have a change of address, phone number, or email so that we will have your correct information in the event of emergency notifications, school closures/delays, enrollment, and other official school mailings.

Thank you,

Dr. Hill

Yearbook Personalization

This week is the last chance to have your child's name or initials engraved on the cover of their 2020 yearbook! Online sales of personalized yearbooks ended at the beginning of this month, but we are still able to place in-school personalization orders through this week. Look for an order form to go home with your child at the beginning of this week or stop by the front office to order yours today! Time is running out to be guaranteed a copy of the yearbook, so be sure your order is placed soon!

Book Fair Open Through Wednesday!

With the short week this week only two shopping days remain for the book fair! Don't miss your chance to bring your excited readers by the High School Conference Room (straight back through the main office) to foster their love of reading! You may also shop the entire Scholastic catalog with proceeds benefiting MSA by clicking the Shop Now button on the MSA Scholastic Book Fair web page.

NEW this year: you now have the option to set up a student eWallet in order to allow your child to make purchases at the on-site MSA fair cash-free by clicking the Get Started button in the Go cash-free! section at the link above.

We look forward to seeing you at the fair! See below and this gallery for images of the fair or click this photo sphere link to take a sneak peak of the fair.

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GAMAC presents Anderson's Got Talent 2020

The Greater Anderson Musical Arts Consortium (GAMAC)'s Anderson Symphony Orchestra with Anderson University Concerto & Aria Competition Winners will present "Anderson's Got Talent 2020" (with the Mini Maestros program sponsored by MSA) this Sunday, February 16 at 3:00 PM in the Daniel Recital Hall at the Rainey Fine Arts Center at Anderson University. Experience the finest young musical talent in the Upstate when the winners of the Anderson University Concerto & Aria Competition perform with the ASO! It's a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!
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Spring Benefit Parent Volunteer Meeting

There will be a Spring Benefit meeting for potential parent volunteers on Thursday, February 20 at 5:30 PM in the Middle School room. We hope you can join us!

Grandparents and Special Person's Day

Grandparents and special people in our students' lives are honored each Valentine's Day on campus, and this year was no exception as the campus was filled with visitors on Friday. See below for several pictures from the day, and click this album for many more!
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Singing Valentines

The Middle School students made singing Valentine deliveries at all levels across the school to students, parents, and grandparents on Friday, singing each recipient a cheerful song and presenting them with a card and candy. High School students attended morning classes, and then made off-campus deliveries in the afternoon. Photos and a video of an off-campus delivery can be found below; click here for many more photos from singing Valentines.
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Singing Valentines

Paper Circuits

The Lower Elementary and Primary Riser students took part in a two-part lesson about circuitry over the past two Mondays. This past Monday, the students were given a lesson on circuits covering conductive vs. inductive materials, switches, and closed and open circuits in which the students were able to see several components of circuits in person as well as a live demonstration of circuits using a Makey Makey interactive poster. This week, the students were able to build their own circuits in the form of paper circuit Valentine's cards. They each laid down copper tape on a pop-up card and used an LED bulb and a watch battery to complete the circuit. The students had a great time learning about electricity in a fun way and were able to bring home their Valentine's cards to give to someone special.
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Students in Upper Elementary got a condensed lesson on circuitry to go with the Makey Makey interactive poster projects they have been working on the past few weeks and were also able to make the paper circuit cards this week. See this gallery for more photos of both groups.

Peaceful Work Time

Ms. Holt noticed a particularly peaceful-looking work time in Upper Elementary this week and wanted to make sure it was captured. Enjoy some photos of the students hard at work below.
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Rooster Dissection

Students in Anatomy and Physiology dissected a rooster Wednesday and were able to view and discuss each of the organs and their appearances and functions as they found them. For more photos, see this album -- be aware that the album does include photos of internal organs of a rooster.
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Afternoon Activities on Valentine's

After a long day of classes and delivering Singing Valentines, the Middle and High School students took part in a game that tested their observational skills Friday afternoon. Students had to wander around the room, attempting to find the one player who was able to make the others sit down by discreetly winking at them -- that player had to get all of the other players out before attracting attention to themselves and being discovered. The students had fun playing detective! See this gallery for more photos from the game.
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Lunchtime Ping Pong

With the return of the cold, wet weather this week, students have enjoyed many games of ping pong during lunch and recess. The Middle School has played several tournaments over the past couple of weeks, and below are a few shots of some of the High School students playing doubles this week.
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Amphitheater Staircase Update

As mentioned last week, one of our High School seniors, Nestor Rodriguez McKneally, is currently completing his Eagle Scout project through which he is constructing a second staircase opposite the existing one in the MSA amphitheater. Nestor and his former troop-mates have made some exciting progress this past week and even more un-pictured progress this weekend. See below and this link for photos taken by another senior, Abby Keenan, showing this past week's progress.
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